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Several of us here at PAXsims—Rex Brynen, Tom Mouat, and Tom Fisher (who did the excellent artwork for AFTERSHOCK) are currently collaborating to produce MaGCK: The Matrix Game Construction Kit. The project is supported by the UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl).


Prototype box art.

MaGCK will include everything you need to design and play matrix games addressing almost any aspect of modern conflict:

  • The MaGCK User Guide, which provides a core set of matrix game rules, as well as advice of running and designing matrix games.
  • Player briefings and supplementary rules for ISIS Crisis, a matrix game that explores the rise and decline of the so-called “Islamic State” (Daesh) insurgency in Iraq. Two scenarios are included: A Caliphate Reborn?(set in September 2014) and The Road to Mosul (set in January 2016).
  • Player briefings, map tiles, and supplementary rules for A Reckoning of Vultures, a game in three acts that explores coup plotting and political skullduggery in the fictional dictatorship of Matrixia.
  • Ore than 250 large game tokens in eight colours, used by the various sides in a game.
  • 792 stickers depicting more than 140 different unit types, other assets, capabilities, and effects. The stickers are used to customize the game tokens, offering enormous flexibility for matrix game designers. An additional 63 blank stickers are included to allow further customization.
  • 80 smaller coloured discs, which can be used to indicate effects, damage, supplies and resources, political influence, or other characteristics.
  • 10 assorted two-sided tracking mats, with various scales (1-10, -3 to +3, days of the week, months, and so forth).
  • 18 dice, in various colours.
  • Online access to downloadable templates. These enable you to print as many additional stickers as they wish using widely-available 1”/25mm commercial sticker sheets and any laser printer.

We’ve just finished final playtesting with Dstl, and plan to have the final version of MaGCK available for launch at Connections UK in early September. In the meantime you can follow our updates here at PAXsims:

The game will be made available for sale through The Game Crafter.

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