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Beta-testers in San Diego needed for a simulation exercise Carana: Adapt! 

Carana: Adapt is an immersive simulation exercise developed by Laura Bailey, Gary Milante and Marc Manashil for training of principles of adaptive leadership in international development.  It is an updated version of a simulation developed at the World Bank for teaching peacebuilding in development, using basic matrix gaming, for up to 10 participants – we’re trying to wargame peacebuilding. Our intended audiences are UN, IFI and other international development actors, though we’re also discussing a rollout for defense/military actors to better understand development practice. The exercise simulates the challenges of development and peacebuilding in a fictional country over the course of multiple years through multiple rounds of play, interspersed with adaptive leadership training. We’re still betatesting and looking for 1 or 2 mid- to senior-level career professionals to join us for this next betatest.  Ideally, these participants would have backgrounds in: civ-mil, defense, intelligence, development, peacebuilding, humanitarian or diplomatic international response in fragile or conflict-affected countries.  The beta-test will occur in early November in person in San Diego.  

Please contact Gary Milante if you would like more information or would like to participate

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