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War Plan Tangerine

Warplan Tangerine.jpg

From the ever-prolific Tim Price comes yet another matrix game, War Plan Tangerine. In this, the government of the UK must prepare for the impending state visit of the rather unpopular President of the Generic Senior Ally.

This is, of course, a COMPLETELY FICTIONAL scenario. Any resemblance between the President of the GSA and any current world leader is ENTIRELY COINCIDENTAL.


The scenario allows for six players or teams:

  • UK Government
  • Police and Emergency Services
  • Generic Senior Ally (GSA) Government
  • Anti-POTGSA Activists
  • Pro-POTGSA and UK Alt-Right Supporters
  • UK Media

You’ll find the scenario details and player briefings here. Maps and counters are included, as is a short introduction to matrix gaming. The scenario is, of course, fully compatible with the Matrix Game Construction Kit.


Personally, if I were playing it I would either use two competing teams of activists (one more militant than the other), or allow the activists to make an immediate bonus move every time another player rolls a double (thus reflecting the tendency of the President of the GSA to say or tweet inflammatory things at sensitive moments).


2 responses to “War Plan Tangerine

  1. Rex Brynen 02/07/2018 at 5:29 pm

    Given that PAXsims has also covered gaming the zombie apocalypse, paranormal archaeology during a fictional civil war, and a sentient artificial intelligence taking over the world, I think it fits nicely in a long tradition of not taking ourselves *too* seriously. Moreover, as a matrix game scenario, it certainly shows how matrix game techniques could be used to explore the issues around a high-level visit and other sensitive event planning. Feel free to use an actual contemporary scenario—say the forthcoming Trump visit to the UK—if you don’t find UK-GSA relations to your taste.

    As for Tim Price, he’s never met an issue he didn’t try to matrix game: the North Korean nuclear issue, Arctic geopolitics, Israel-Iranian conflict, defence procurement, cyberwarfare, fictional disasters, urban politics, and yes, even the political and security planning challenges raised by the state visit of a deeply unpopular, highly unpredictable foreign leader.

    If you prefer some drier reading on the application of matrix game methods to sensitive event planning, try this instead:

    As for our summer interns, they are too busy designing games on urban combat in Mosul, Chinese grand strategy, or the war in Darfur to be worried about gaming state visits.

  2. S Goodwin 02/07/2018 at 5:10 pm

    What is the purpose of this “simulation”? If it is about HMG’s bilateral engagement goals, how are players to use the accompanying storyline? It strikes me as a bit too self-indulgent to posted on a site that seeks for its ideas and education products to be taken seriously.. As it is not April Fool’s Day, perhaps it may be that all the regular Paxsims staff are on holiday and that the Summer Interns are creating all the new posts.

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