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Position: Director, US Air Force Air and Space Operations Wargaming Laboratories

The United States Air Force Academy is hiring a Director (GS12) for its Air and Space Operations Wargaming Laboratories.

The primary purpose of this position is to serve as the Air and Space Operations Wargaming Laboratories Director to coordinate education, research, and laboratory activities administered by the Department of Military Strategic Studies. Advises academy leadership on all aspects of policy, planning, project management, budget, wargaming, and research.


Manages educational activities in DFMI facilities; develops and maintains policy and operational standards for DFMI labs and facilities.

Provides assistance and training for faculty members and researchers in laboratory operations and educational activities associated with the laboratories.

Develops, directs and conducts education programs accomplished in DFMI facilities.

Additional details and the application procedure can be found at USA Jobs. More information on the department can be found here. At the time of posting, applications are open until November 23.

h/t James Sterrett

Slitherine Games is hiring

Slitherine Games–who produce a broad range of commercial games, but who also work with the UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory and others on developing and adapting wargames for professional useis hiring.

If you are interested in a career in wargaming, this could be your chance. Moreover, we have been in a terrific dialogue with Slitherine regarding the Derby House Principles on diversity and inclusion in wargaming, and they have made very clear their desire to see more hires from non-traditional and underrepresented groups.

Teachers and other mentors—please share this widely.

Wargaming Instructional Fellow, US Army War College

bp0277_us_army_war_college_decal_grandeThe US Army War College is seeking a Wargaming Instructional Fellow.

This is a part-time civilian position at the U.S. Army War College (USAWC) as provided under Title 10 USC 4021. Initial appointment will be for 6 months. The appointment may be renewed for up to one year in total. The position is structured for current or recently matriculated undergraduates with an interest in developing and teaching educational wargames for use in strategic-level education.


  • Collaborate with professional strategic game developers and faculty to design, develop and teach custom strategic games in graduate-level curriculum and to inform senior leader decision making
  • Collaborate with Department of Defense Officials to determine the scope and applicability of wargames as a technique for conducting research into issue of military strategic importance
  • Serve as a member of a gaming team in teaching games in graduate-level education and inform senior leader decision making
  • Participate in wargames and workshops, and write and publish on matters of importance related to strategic wargaming
  • Engage in internal and external service in support of institutional missions

Applicants must be US citizens, and will be rated based on the following criteria:

1. Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree or a recent graduate with Bachelor’s Degree in a field relevant to strategic gaming.
2. Understanding of game principles or theory.
3. Strong written and oral communication skills – able to develop and teach a game’s fundamentals or outcomes to students
4. Ability to learn and act in a fast-paced environment.
5. A high level of energy and motivation.
6. Demonstrated potential to work with a team of wargamers, faculty and other leaders to conceptualize, program, test, teach, or document games for use by students.
7. Active involvement in networks relevant to wargaming or gaming.

You will find full details at USAJOBS. The application deadline is April 10, 2020.

Professor of Strategic Game Design, US Army War College

bp0277_us_army_war_college_decal_grande.jpegThe US Army War College is seeking a Professor of Strategic Game Design.

This is a full-time civilian faculty position at the U.S. Army War College (USAWC) as provided under Title 10 USC 4021. Initial appointment may be up to four years, with the first year a trial period. The appointment may be renewed in one- to five-year increments thereafter. Academic rank and salary will be based on the selectee’s academic credentials, experience, and professional accomplishments.


  • Collaborate with strategic leaders and faculty to develop and teach custom strategic and serious games for use in graduate-level curriculum and to inform senior leader decision making
  • Develop and teach protocols and systems to virtual existing strategic games to allow online play in support of distance education
  • Serve as a thought-leader on the implications to game programming of innovations such as 3-D technologies, artificial intelligence, big data, remote and autonomous systems
  • Serve as the Army War College expert on the potential revolutions in game design that will impact the character of strategic gaming and the education of senior leaders
  • Assist in the development and delivery of graduate-level curriculum which focuses on strategic and serious gaming; teach at least one elective each academic year
  • Participate in wargames and workshops, and write and publish on matters of importance related to strategic/serious game programming and wargaming
  • Engage in internal and external service in support of institutional missions

You will find full details at USAJOBS. The application deadline is April 7. Only US citizens eligible for a Secret may apply.


Dstl needs you!


…well, they do if you’re a UK national with expertise in wargaming.

The UK MOD’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory is looking for five people to join their wargaming team:

  1. 1614750 Wargame & Computer Simulation Analyst(x2)
  2. 1614762 Senior Wargaming Analyst(x1)
  3. 1614765 Wargaming Analyst(x1)
  4. 1614740 Principal Historical Analyst(x1)

These job opportunities are open to UK nationals onlyand are not open to candidates who hold a dual nationality. The closing date for applications is Sunday, January 20.

Details at the links above. For more on what the Dstl wargaming team does, see this and this and this and this and this. You may even get a Dstl Portsdown West wargaming mug out of it!


Wargaming positions at Dstl



The UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) is looking for three people to join their wargaming team:

These job opportunities are open to UK nationals only and are not open to candidates who hold a dual nationality. The closing date for applications is Sunday, January 14.

The Dstl wargaming team are a terrific bunch, and do some really great work. You’ll find accounts of my visits there here and here.

(Note: we’re just posting the job opportunities on behalf of Dstl, and cannot respond to queries regarding them.)


Simulation manager wanted

Critical Ops is looking for a Simulation Manager to plan and facilitate emergency preparedness training simulations. Details are below(pdf).

Simulation Manager_Critical Ops JOB

Note: PAXsims is not involved in this position in any way, so please do not contact us about it. There’s no closing date on the announcement, but there’s likely little point in contacting them several weeks after this posting.

Reminder: Wargaming position at US NWC


Chair, Wargaming Department NWC Position

This a reminder that the deadline for applying for the position of Chair, Wargaming Department, US Naval War College is this Friday, 6 May 2016.

For details of the position and how to apply, see the NWC website.

US NWC seeks Chair of Wargaming Department


The US Naval War College is looking for a Chair of its Wargaming Department:


The United States Naval War College (NWC) anticipates a full-time faculty opening in the Center for Naval Warfare Studies (CNWS) in Newport, RI, and invites applications for the position of Chair, Wargaming Department.

The Naval War College (NWC) is a Professional Military Education (PME) institution serving the nation, the Department of Defense and the U.S. Navy. The College is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and offers a Master of Arts degree in National Security and Strategic Studies and a MA in Defense and Strategic Studies.

The position operates under the direction of the Dean, CNWS. CNWS serves as the nexus for broad-based, advanced research on the naval contribution to a national strategy. The Center produces scholarship and original research and fosters critical and innovative thinking on current and evolving operational challenges of importance for the Navy and the nation. The Center links the Naval War College to the fleet and policymakers in Washington by serving as a focal point for strategic and operational thought.

Wargaming Department: War gaming is an integral component of the Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) program at the NWC. The Wargaming Department contributes to this by conducting high quality gaming, research, analysis and education to support the broader missions of the College. As a recognized center of excellence for wargaming coupled with the renewed emphasis on gaming throughout the Department of Defense and the US Navy, the Wargaming Department is continually innovating and adapting to the changing security environment, developments in military and commercial technology, and to the needs of the DoD and the Navy—while simultaneously leading and leveraging advances in gaming and analytical practices and tools.

Responsibilities: As the prospective head of the Wargaming Department the Chair: (1) oversees a dynamic group of faculty, staff, military and contractor personnel in the effective execution of the wargaming schedule and assures the quality and timeliness of the resultant analytical products; (2) leads the adaptive change necessary to resourcefully capitalize on the established core attributes of the department to strengthen critical thinking, speed up the learning cycle and create opportunities to advance the art of wargaming; (3) in conjunction with the Dean, CNWS, develops a wargaming research program that will meet these needs of the Navy, supports the goals of the College and when directed supports other stakeholders though wargames and related activities consistent with the resources available; (4) works collaboratively across CNWS, the Naval War College and to external staff and stakeholders to carry out the College’s research, educational and outreach missions; (5) manages the Wargaming Department budget to include funding for information systems and other material resources and the funding for contractor support to the department and various other entities within the College; (6) maintains a far-reaching network of contacts within the naval and defense, academic, international, and commercial sectors.

Qualifications and Competencies: The College seeks candidates recognized as experts in the field of defense and military research and analysis with an understanding of and experience in wargaming. Qualified candidates must have an advanced degree from an accredited university; a Ph.D. is preferred though other candidates demonstrating an exceptionally high level of accomplishment and experience will be considered. As this a key leadership position at the College, experience serving in senior leadership positions in complex organizations, preferably in the national security or military arena and/or academia, is required. Expertise in a national security field, military operations or in research and analysis is required. Candidates’ accomplishments must merit appointment as a full professor at the College. The successful candidate must demonstrate an in-depth understanding and knowledge of current strategic and operational challenges facing Navy leadership in the international and regional security environments. Candidates must demonstrate evidence of their expertise through a combination of education, research and practical experience. This position requires that candidates must be capable of obtaining a Department of Defense TOP SECRET/SCI security clearance. The selected candidate will be subject to a pre-employment drug screening test and to random drug testing thereafter.

Salary Considerations: Rank and salary commensurate with experience and credentials in accordance with the Department of the Navy Faculty Schedule.

Application Process: Candidates desiring to apply for this position should reference VA#NWC-16-15 and submit their application electronically to The application package should include an application cover letter, curriculum vitae, and the names and contact information for three references. Any current or prior military service should be described including assignments, positions held, highest rank attained, and dates of service in the CV or resume. Applications will be accepted until May 7, 2016. Questions should be directed to the Chair of the Selection Committee, Dr. Andrew Winner at The Naval War College is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

h/t Stephen Downes-Martin 

Wargaming faculty position, US Naval War College

nwc-logo-colorThe Center for Naval Warfare Studies at the US Naval War College is seeking to make a faculty appointment in their Wargaming Department. You’ll find details of the position below.


TITLE: Asst/Assoc/Full Professor


PP-SERIES-GR: AD-1701-03/05/07

OPEN PERIOD: 15-January-2016 to 15-February-2016

WHO MAY APPLY: All Qualified U.S. Citizens

Candidates must be U.S. citizens and capable of obtaining a Department of Defense TOP SECRET/SCI security clearance.


Wargaming Department

The United States Naval War College in Newport, RI, anticipates full-time faculty openings in the Wargaming Department of the Center for Naval Warfare Studies and invites applications for the position of Professor with rank and salary commensurate with experience and credentials.

The Naval War College is a graduate-level Professional Military Education institution serving the nation, the Department of Defense and the U.S. Navy. The College is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, and offers a Master of Arts degree in National Security and Strategic Studies. Additional details regarding the War College can be obtained by visiting the Naval War College web site at .

The War Gaming Department supports the academic curriculum with operational level student games and supports the Navy and the wider Department of Defense community with research, analyses and war games that address key current operational issues and future concepts.

The incumbent will use his or her experience, background, training, and education to provide analysis, war game design, development, direction, and subject matter support to a wide variety of games, analyses and research projects. The Department seeks candidates with credible academic achievements and particular expertise in leading a team through academic or military analysis, planning, and gaming.

Essential qualifications include a master’s degree and experience designing and conducting games, conducting military analysis, operations research analysis or directly related war gaming experience. Other desired qualifications may include: completion of Joint Professional Military Education Phase I, a Ph.D. or other earned doctorate and a proven record in project management and research leadership. Candidates must be U.S. citizens capable of obtaining a Department of Defense security clearance at the TOP SECRET/SCI level.

The selected candidate will be subject to a pre-employment drug screening test and to random drug testing thereafter. Any current or prior military service should be described including assignments, positions held, highest rank attained, and dates of service.

Applicants should reference VA#NWC-16-11 and forward their application package to: The application package should include a cover letter, curriculum vitae or resume, and three references. Applications will be accepted until February 15, 2016.

Questions can be e-mailed to Dr. Peter Dombrowski at

The Naval War College is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

It is my understanding that another position may be announced in the Wargaming Department in the summer.

ICONS Project seeks researcher/simulation developer


Dear Readers,

I’ve not been posting much lately. In part due to the fact that I am under an extremely heavy workload. The good news, is that the ICONS Project is adding staff, so I should soon have a lot of time back! I encourage anyone in the PAXsims community who is interested in joining the Project to consider applying here and/or passing this notice on to your communities of interest.

The ICONS Project seeks a Researcher and Simulation Developer to support the ICONS Project’s growing portfolio of simulation-based research, education, and professional training programs. A substantial portion of this position’s time will be devoted to supporting projects looking at U.S. strategic planning and decision-making in the field of international relations and security.

The open position will join the Project’s simulation development team, reporting to the director of the Policy & Research program. Duties will include simulation design and writing, simulation maintenance, project management, research and development and instructional materials and tools, and technical support and customer service.

The position will be directly supervised by the ICONS Project Associate Director. The candidate will report to the ICONS Project’s lead simulation developer on overall creative matters, and to the appropriate principal investigator or program head on specific projects. The ICONS Project has a long history of growth and innovation, and we welcome applicants who are looking for an opportunity to shape and expand a position over time.

Best consideration date is October 27. The sooner we fill this role, the sooner I can turn to another “On Methods” posting…

Devin Ellis

PAXsims research associates

Following our recent call for volunteers, we’re pleased to announce five new additions to the PAXsims team as research associates:

  • Nikola Adamus (Poland) is a graduate student at the University of Tampere in Finland, where she is pursuing a MSc in internet and game studies. She is interested in the impact of wargames on gaming and culture.
  • Corinne Goldberger (Canada) graduated from McGill University with a BA in political science and Middle East studies. She is a veteran of the civil war in Brynania, and previously contributed a series PAXsims blog posts on gaming the “Arab Spring.”
  • Ryan Kuhns (US) is an MA student at the Patterson School of Diplomacy and International CommerceUniversity of Kentucky. He is interested in peace and conflict simulation.
  • Nick LaLone (US) is a PhD student in information science and technology at Pennsylvania State University, and Director of the Game Studies Program at Bellevue University. You’ll find more on his work here.
  • Christian Palmer (US) is a civil affairs officer in the United States Marine Corps. He also holds an M.S. in education and social policy from Northwestern University.

The five of them will be assisting us in identifying and producing content for the site, and working on other future projects. Welcome aboard!

PAXsims is looking for volunteers/interns

PAXsims is looking for 2-3 interns to work with the project over the next few months. All work requires internet access, and can be done from your current location. Hours are flexible. Interns will receive exactly what the rest of us receive for working with PAXsims—that is to say, these positions are voluntary and completely unpaid. However, think how much you’ll impress your friends at geeky conflict-simulation-and-peacebuilding parties when you casually mention you are part of the PAXsims team!

Specifically, we are looking for three volunteers/interns:

Graphics design specialist

The graphics design intern will assist PAXsims graphics for the website, customization of AFTERSHOCK: A Humanitarian Crisis Game, and the development of graphics for other serious games. The intern should have a basic to intermediate understanding of Adobe InDesign, with knowledge of text wrapping, paragraph, object, and character styles being necessary, as well as familiarity with kerning, tracking and leading. The ideal candidate would already have access to InDesign CC (2015) and the Adobe TypeKit.

Spanish language translator

The translation intern will work with PAXsims and CECOPAC (Centro Conjunto para Operaciones de Paz de Chile) on the development of a Spanish-language version of AFTERSHOCK: A Humanitarian Crisis Game. Advanced word processing and page layout experience would be an asset.


The research intern will be responsible for identifying news and other items that might be of interest to PAXsims readers. Applicants should be well acquainted with (serious and not so serious) gaming and conflict simulation. Knowledge of conflict analysis, wargaming, humanitarian assistance, international development, international relations, and/or educational game development would be an asset too.

For further information please contact Rex Brynen (email only). Applicants should send a CV (and, if relevant to your qualifications, an unofficial university transcript) along with a statement of interest. Please put “PAXsims intern” in the subject line of all correspondence.

Deadline for applications: 21 August 2015.

Simulation and gaming miscellany, 29 October 2014


Some recent items on conflict simulation and serious games that may be of interest to PAXsims readers:

* * *


Rock, Paper, Shotgun has an interview with Pawel Miechowski at 11 Bit Studios on the forthcoming release of This War of Mine:

RPS: What do you want people to get out of playing This War Of Mine?

Pawel Miechowski: We want to raise awareness about how civilians suffer when war is breaking out. We want to show the other side. We’re partnering with War Child so we’re going to raise money for [kids in war]. From the perspective of being creators we use a parallel to movies because it works well in this case. Sometimes you’re in the mood to watch an action movie or a comedy. Sometimes you watch drama – The Pianist or Saving Private Ryan with that brutal opening. We decided we see games as ready to speak about important things. We’re not pioneers – we already have amazing games which do that really well – Gone Home, Papers Please….

See the full interview at the link above.

(h/t James Sterrett)

* * *


Positech Games have announced the release of Democracy 3: Clones & Drones, an expansion for their political strategy game Democracy 3. It adds a range of new policies to consider (from the use of armed drones to human cloning to driverless cars) and events (shortages of “rare earths”, anti-technoloy rebellions,  antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and many more).

* * *

In an article in the Huffington Post, Mary Flanagan (Dartmouth College and has called for using games to examine and resolve otherwise intractable conflicts and public problems:

…unusual strategies — and the gall to enact them — are desperately needed as we increasingly face complicated conflicts that seem to have no way out. Police and citizens distrust one another in places like Ferguson, Missouri. Bullies taunt kids from rich neighborhoods to poor. Old ways of fetishizing power, such as nationalism, and winner-takes-all need to be replaced with new models in which complicated people in global, complex societies can not only get along but prosper. It’s not impossible. We need resilient communities that not only survive, but thrive.

And as law scholar Yochai Benkler noted in his bookThe Penguin and the Leviathan: Triumph of Cooperation Over Self-Interest (2011), systems built wholly on self-interest end up as disasters. Parts of society that serve everyone — from public parks to Wikipedia — last longer and make people happier.

It’s time to recast the molds. Let’s find new ways to model unusual forms of cooperation. Games like Pandemic or Pox: Save the People, two board games where teams of people fight against spreading viruses, are a first step. Let’s tell stories that replace the “bad guy” with the challenges we face together.

We must reinvent rusty old conflict models, or we will never escape the vicious cycle of war countering war. Violence isn’t the answer to seemingly intractable problems. And yet, we’re only as brilliant as the tools we’ve learned to use.

I have certainly used games as a way of exploring challenging issues and helping to players to jointly identify possible solutions to deep-rooted conflicts (see, for example, here, here, and here). However, I think we also have to be careful that we don’t oversell what games can do.

(h/t Matt Kirschenbaum)

* * *

In a forthcoming issue of Politics, Erin Hannah and Rorden Wilkinson reflect on Zombies and IR: A Critical Reading:

The zombie genre is quickly becoming a feature of International Relations (IR) classrooms and pedagogical toolkits as scholars enthusiastically embrace the undead as a vehicle for teaching the discipline. This article offers a cautionary note on a generally positive move to embrace the use of zombieism in IR. It shows how an uncritical use of a zombie apocalypse as a vehicle for teaching IR can reinforce existing divisions in the field, essentialise country positions, crowd out heterodox approaches, reinforce gender stereotypes and dehumanise people. To guard against these problems, the article shows how Zombie IR can be better used to think critically and normatively about world politics.

(h/t Lisa Lynch)

* * *

York University’s School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design is seeking a tenure-track junior researcher in the area of games, gaming and gamification:

This position seeks a strong junior researcher whose creative practice and theoretical interests span games, gaming, and organized play as cultural phenomena, as a platform for art-making, and who explores gaming as it manifests in a wide range of contemporary practices. Possible areas of interest include the following: art games, serious games, experimental game mechanics, alternate reality games, game related art or installation, interactive narrative, critical game studies, world making, visualization, alt-games, notgames and gamification. The candidate will be a practicing artist and creative coder, with strong theoretical framework, who has expertise with a variety of tools found in professional game development and whose technology-based art practice incorporates interdisciplinary approaches to art and science. The candidate will have capacity to teach practicum courses in Digital Media and Design.

You’ll find additional details here. The deadline for applications is 5 December 2014.

* * *

Worcester Polytechnic Institute is advertising a tenure-track faculty position in serious games. You’ll find details here. Applications should be received by 15 December 2014.

* * *

Earlier this year, George Phillies (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) posted a series of videos on wargame design to YouTube, based on a class he taught on the subject. You’ll find the first of them below, and links to the others here.

Concordia University: Recruitment award for PhD candidates in digital game studies

Concordia University is offering a PhD bursary for PhD candidates in digital game studies:



Call for Applications

Recruitment Award for Doctoral Candidates in Digital Game Studies at Concordia University, Montreal

The Centre for Technoculture, Art and Games (TAG) invites applications for the TAG-IMMERSe Research Bursary, in support of a Doctorate in Digital Game Studies at Concordia University in Montréal. The bursary is available for a maximum of $15,000 CDN/year for up to three years. For promising candidates, it may be combined with other fellowships and entrance awards, including the TAG Merit award (valued at $10,000/yr). Details of the award package may vary for each successful applicant.

This recruitment award is specifically designed to support humanities-based research with the Concordia unit of IMMERSe, a federal research network focused on digital games and interactivity, funded by a SSHRC Partnership Grant hosted at the University of Waterloo. The award is tenable for doctoral projects consistent with the Concordia unit’s research mandate within the network on narrative and games, player storytelling and narrative cultures, and the craft of game writing.

To be eligible for the bursary, students must work under the supervision of Darren Wershler, Jason Camlot, Bart Simon or Mia Consalvo, and be accepted in one of the following PhD programs at Concordia: The PhD in Humanities program, the Individualized Program in Game Studies and Design, or the PhD in Social and Cultural Analysis.

In addition to a complete application to one of the PhD programs listed above, interested students must submit a package containing the following documents to Dr. Darren Wershler [] by January 15, 2014: Letter of intent, curriculum vitae, academic transcripts, two letters of recommendation and a representative sample of your most current work. This can include academic essays, research/creation papers, conference papers, game mods, complete video games or game elements.

Learn more about the TAG Centre.

Learn more about the IMMERSe network.

For all inquiries about this recruitment award, please contact Dr. Darren Wershler.

For inquiries about graduate admissions, please contact the specific program administrators or the Concordia School of Graduate Studies:

2145 Mackay Street (S 105), Montreal, Quebec H3G 2J2, Canada Telephone: +1 514-848-2424 ext. 3800 Fax: +1 514-848-2812

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