Conflict simulation, peacebuilding, and development

Journal of Political Science Education special issue on simulations and games

Unknown.jpegA recent issue of the Journal of Political Science Education 15, 1 (2019) is devoted to the topic of simulations and games.


  • JPSE 15-1 Introduction

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 

  • Bet Out the Vote: Prediction Markets as a Tool to Promote Undergraduate Political Engagement
    • Lukas Berg & John Chambers
  • Teaching Judicial Politics Through a Supreme Court Simulation
    • Ryan J. Williams & Anthony J. Chergosky
  • Lecture Versus Simulation: Testing the Long-Term Effects
    • Adam Wunische
  • Zombies, Gender, and Student Active Learning
    • Kate Hunt
  • The Statecraft Effect: Assessment, Attitudes, and Academic Honesty
    • John Linantud & Joanna Kaftan
  • The Narrative History of the Chocolate Wars: A Short and Tasty Bargaining Game
    • James D. Fielder
  • Learning By Doing: The Long-Term Impact of Experiential Learning Programs on Student Success
    • Leigh A. Bradberry & Jennifer De Maio
  • Teaching Party Systems: A Culinary Demonstration
    • Andre P. Audette
  • Active Learning in Large Graduate Classes: Reflections on an “Attaining Citizenship” Simulation
    • Aleks Deejay, Maria Rost Rublee & Steven T. Zech

Books, Teaching Tools, and Educational Resources 

  • Model United Nations: Review for First-Time Instructors and Advisors
    • Timothy A. Hazen
  • Raising the Bar: Maximizing Engaged Student Learning Using the American Mock Trial Association Case State of Midlands v. Dylan Hendricks
    • Kyla K. Stepp & Jeremiah J. Castle


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