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Daily Archives: 07/11/2016

Something’s Up in Binni! (another McGill megagame)


On 11 February 2017 McGill University will be hosting another day-long megagame by  (notorious) UK game designer Jim WallmanSomething’s Up in Binni!

The Republic of Binni is wracked by civil war. As President-for-Life Eddie Ancongo clings to office, rival groups of militias and warlords plot to seize power for themselves. Strange cults and radical extremists proliferate. Mercenaries offer their services to the highest bidder. Mineral prospectors and multinational corporations seek profit amidst the conflict. Archaeologists scramble to safeguard valuable artifacts from the ravages of war—or unscrupulously sell them to the highest bidder. Neighbouring countries meddle, seeking to further their own regional interests.  The great powers call for peace—but is that what they really want?

Approximately one hundred participants will assume the roles of national decision-makers, diplomats, international organizations, mercenaries,  archaeologists, cultists, corporations, journalists, rebels, organized crime, and others. Can peace brought to Binni? Or will the country further descend into chaos?

For those new to megagaming you’ll find a report on one such game in the British newspaper The Independent here, and a video report at the blog Shut Up & Sit Down here (and here and here). Details of the last McGill megagame, New World Order 2035, can be found in the McGill International Review and at PAXsims. No prior experience is required, beyond a willingness to enjoy yourself with 100 scheming people in several large rooms while confronting the complexities of a (fictional) country beset by strife and intrigue.

Space is limited, so you’ll need to buy your tickets once they become available. Watch this space for updates!


Something’s Up in Binni! is coorganized by PAXsims, the Ivory Goat Gaming Group, and the International Relations Students’ Association of McGill.


A scene at the map table from New World Order 2035 megagame (February 2016), sometime after New York blew up but before Japanese scientists created a computer artificial intelligence with ambitions to “fix” humanity.



Tickets are now available for the game here. We hope to see you there!

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