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USA Fight Club

The purpose of the US Fight Club is to provide a venue that supports training, educating and the development of the next generation of hobby and professional wargamers, across all echelons, disciplines and communities. Our intent is to create an environment that is:

  • fun
  • voluntary
  • rank agnostic
  • flat (no authoritative hierarchy)
  • focuses on decision making, and dealing with the impact of the decision
  • includes tactical, operational and strategic games/competitions
  • encourage ‘wrong’ thinking (a belief or opinion that run contrary to the prevailing thought)

Past / Current Events

In October, the club ran a day long Battle for Moscow tournament, with the support of the US Army Command and General Staff College’s directorate of simulation education. This month, the club was invited to participate in a Last Hundred Yards ladder tournament. This is a perpetual event sponsored by Mike Denson, the creator of The Last Hundred Yards.

Upcoming Events

After the holidays, the club will sponsor a Battle Academy 2 tournament as well as a Black sea grey zone competition (matrix wargame). Dates and coordinating instructions are in final development and will be posted to the fight club website before mid-December 2021.

For more information, see the USA Fight Club website.

Jeff Hodges, USA Fight Club

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