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Matrix Game Construction Kit special offer for COVID-19 pandemic response


UPDATE: The Game Crafter has had to suspend operations in compliance with state coronavirus directives. As a consequence, they are not able to produce or ship copies of MaGCK until those restrictions are lifted.

It is still possible to order the game, but neither we nor TGC knows when you might get it.

In partnership with The Game Crafter, PAXsims is making copies of the Matrix Game Construction Kit available at cost ($136.99) to those developing serious policy games to address the current COVID-19 global pandemic. The Game Crafter will treat any such order as urgent and expedite processing to the best of its ability.

Please note:

  • This offer is only available to organizations working on pandemic response matrix games for serious (policy-development or educational) reasons.
  • This is the regular edition of the Matrix Game Construction Kit—it contains no specific guidance or game materials on COVID-19. However, the PAXsims team stands ready to offer additional assistance.
  • To order a reduced-price copy of the Matrix Game Construction Kit, please email outlining who you are and how you propose to use it. You will then be provided with a link to the special game order page and additional instructions.
  • This offer only covers copies of MaGCK, and not other items published by PAXsims or The Game Crafter.

More information on the Matrix Game Construction Kit can be found here. For examples of pandemic response games developed with MaGCK, see the following PAXsims reports:

See also our PAXsims COVID-19 serious gaming resources page.

AFTERSHOCK and MaGCK availability from The Game Crafter

TGClogo_circle_400x400.jpgFrom time to time, The Game Crafter runs short on some game components for AFTERSHOCK: A Humanitarian Crisis Game or the Matrix Game Construction Kit. If so, click the “email me when I can buy” button on the TGC order page to be notified when the game is shipping once again.

In the case of AFTERSHOCK, an alternative components version is also available. This is exactly the same game, but with slightly different pieces. It’s just as good at the original—game play is not affected by the substitutions.

If you are absolutely desperate for a copy, email me—I often have a few copies in reserve.



AFTERSHOCK gender expansion now available

Gender Expansion graphic

It’s finally here! With the generous support of the National Defense University Foundation, we are pleased to announce the release of AFTERSHOCK game expansion #1 on the gender dimensions of humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations.

We’ve previously discussed the development and playtesting of the expansion set here at PAXsims. For those of you don’t know about AFTERSHOCK: A Humanitarian Crisis Game, you’ll find additional details here. A free copy of the expansion set rules is available from The Game Crafter website, as are the rules for the main game.


The game expansion is priced at USD$14.99. To make it more accessible we are also permanently reducing the price of AFTERSHOCK to USD$84.99. Now there’s absolutely no excuse not to buy both—and thereby incorporate gender analysis into your efforts to provide urgent humanitarian assistance to the desperate, earthquake-afflicted people of Carana!


All net proceeds from the sale of AFTERSHOCK and its expansions are donated to United Nations humanitarian agencies. Order a copy now!


AFTERSHOCK back in stock!


AFTERSHOCK: A Humanitarian Crisis Game has been unavailable for the past few weeks because the publisher (The Game Crafter) had temporarily run out of one of the game components.

I’m happy to announce that the piece is is back in stock and the game is available again. Order soon, though, before they run out of anything else!

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