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Stimson Center: Research associate wanted

The Henry L. Stimson Center seeks “a highly-motivated individual to join the team as a full-time Research Associate for the South Asia Program starting in January 2022. The successful candidate will have prior educational and professional experience in research, the South Asian security and nuclear fields, and wargaming and/or simulations.”

The deadline for application is December 3, and the expected start date for the position is 4 January 2022. The candidate must be based in the Washington DC area.

Full details can be found here.

h/t GUWS

build-your-own nuclear weapons

The Stimson Center has developed fascinating online education game/simulation—Cheater’s Risk—in which you play the role of a country trying to evade nuclear proliferation safeguards and monitoring. The simulation is interspersed with informative videos which examine both the various routes to the covert development of nuclear weapons capability, and the safeguards that might lead to detection.

For what it’s worth, after my play-through Canada now has a small (simulated) arsenal of 1-5 untested nuclear weapons. Watch out, Denmark—we’ll no longer tolerate all that flag-planting on Hans Island!

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