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Serious Games at Work interview with Phil Sabin


In his latest Serious Games at Work podcast, Tom Grant interviews Prof. Philip Sabin (King’s College London) about the use of wargaming as a tool for both analysis and teaching.

Our guest is Philip Sabin, Professor Of Strategic Studies at King’s College, London, and author of Lost Battles and Simulating War. Professor Sabin talks about how to use wargames as a tool of historical inquiry, in the classroom, and in other contexts. He also talks about the games he designed for these purposes, including Lost Battles, which simulates ancient warfare. Stay tuned during the podcast for a fascinating description of a recent serious game at Windsor Castle.

Serious Games at Work interview with Rex Brynen


Earlier this week I was interviewed by Tom Grant for his occasional Serious Games at Work podcast. You’ll find the result—in which we discuss peace and conflict simulation, game design, counterinsurgency doctrine, the humanitarian crisis game, and other things too—here.

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