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GUWS forthcoming events

It can be hard to keep up with everything that the Georgetown University Wargaming Society is doing, so here is the current list of their forthcoming presentations via Eventbrite.

You can always see a list like this of forthcoming events at their Eventbrite page, and videos of past events on their YouTube channel.

CIMSEC: Sebastian Bae on wargaming at Georgetown University (and elsewhere)


The latest issue of the CIMSEC podcast Sea Control (#166) features Sebastian Bae discussing his wargaming course at Georgetown University and many other things as well.

Sebastian Bae (@SebastianBae) joins Jared (@jwsc03) to discuss his own development as a wargamer and designer, the genesis for Georgetown University’s new wargaming program, the Georgetown University Wargaming Society, the explosion of wargaming in both the academic world and Department of Defense and what he’s learned in his first year of teaching. One editor’s note: Nick Murray was identified as working for the Naval Postgraduate School during the podcast. He works for the Naval War College.

You can listen to it here.

GUWS: Ruhnke on “How to design a COIN wargame”

The Georgetown University Wargame Society recently hosted an online lecture by wargame designer Volko Ruhnke on “How to Design a COIN Wargame.” If you missed it you can watch the entire thing on YouTube.

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