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PAXsims nominated for CSR wargaming award!

As voting continues for this year’s Charles S. Roberts Awards, we’re very flattered to see that PAXsims has been included among the nominees in the “Best amateur game magazine” category.

If you haven’t done so , you can still vote for your favourite wargames, game magazines, and articles here. Voting closes on July 29.

Voting open for the 2012 Charles S. Roberts wargaming awards


Voting is now open for the Charles S. Roberts Awards for excellence in wargame design, in nineteen different categories:

  • Best Ancient to Napoleonic Era Board Wargame
  • Best Post-Napoleonic to Pre-World War 2 Era Board Wargame
  • Best World War 2 Era Board Wargame
  • Best Post-WW2 Era Board Wargame
  • Best Pre-20th Century Era Computer Wargame
  • Best 20th Century Era – Modern Computer Wargame
  • Best Science-Fiction or Fantasy Board Wargame
  • Best Science-Fiction or Fantasy Computer Wargame
  • Best Magazine Game
  • Best Desktop Published (DTP) / Print-and-Play / Postcard Game
  • Best Expansion or Supplement for an Existing Game
  • Best Board Game Graphics
  • Best Computer Game Graphics
  • Best Professional Game Magazine
  • Best Amateur Game Magazine
  • Best Historical/Scenario Article
  • Best Game Review or Analysis Article
  • James F. Dunnigan Design Elegance Award
  • Clausewitz Award HALL OF FAME

To vote, click the link above.



Charles S. Roberts Awards 2010 (voting)

Voting is open until July 10 for the 2010 Charles S. Roberts Awards:

The Charles S. Roberts Awards are presented annually for excellence in the historical wargaming hobby. Charles S. Roberts, in whose name this award is given, invented the modern wargame industry almost single-handedly. As a designer and the original owner-operator of The Avalon Hill Game Company. He founded Avalon Hill in 1958 and published Tactics IIGettysburg, andDispatcher. They were the first commercial board wargames and Charles Roberts was responsible for their creation, including many of the developments, such as the Combat Results Table (CRT), that were later to become commonplace. Avalon Hill became a pioneer in a new type of gaming: strategy games based on historical events and so Charles Roberts spawned the whole commercial wargaming hobby/industry we know today….

You’ll find the CSR awards website here, and the voting form here (registration required).

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