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Syrian refugee crisis simulation

The following guest post is contributed by Prof. Mick Dumper, Department of Political Science, University of Exeter. * * * This was a simulation I ran in February 2014 for my 3rd year module – Refugee Crisis and the Modern World– in which students study the international refugee regime, international refugee law, the durable solutions […]

Gaming the crisis in the Ukraine

UPDATED 29 December 2015. I’ve pulled together a summary of recent and current wargame on the Ukraine, which I will update from time to time as new material becomes available. . If any readers have material to suggest, I would certainly welcome suggestions via the comments section, or by email. * * * Game designer Brian […]

Humanitarian Crisis Game tournament 2014

I will be running a mini-tournament of the AFTERSHOCK: A Humanitarian Crisis Game for some of my POLI 450 (Peacebuilding) students this term. I have posted the tournament rules below, both for my class and for those who might be considering how to integrate this or a similar type of game into a large course. […]

Playtesting the Humanitarian Crisis Game

Recently, Professor Jeremy Wells of the Department of Political Science at Texas State University—San Marcos playtested the beta version of the PAXsims’ AFTERSHOCK: A Humanitarian Crisis Game with  students in his civil-military relations course. You’ll find their impressions below.The play test even got a mention in the local newspaper, the San Marcos Daily Record—see the newspapers clipping […]

AFTERSHOCK: A humanitarian crisis game (beta release)

The final production version of AFTERSHOCK is now available! For information, see the AFTERSHOCK information page. The blog post below describes the conceptualization, beta release, and development of the game. * * * September 2013: After some additional playtesting and a few more tweaks, I am now making available a fully-playable beta version of the Humanitarian Crisis […]

The Humanitarian Crisis Game beta (video overview)

UPDATE: This video portrays an early beta version of AFTERSHOCK: A Humanitarian Crisis Game. For the latest on game development, see here. * * * Above you’ll find a video overview of The Humanitarian Crisis Game, a four player boardgame that explores the interagency cooperation needed to address the emergency and early recovery stages of a complex […]

Iranian student simulation of the Syrian crisis

As of late PAXsims has featured a great many US (or Israeli) simulations of Israel (and/or the US) attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities, or US simulations of the Syrian crisis. This time, however, we bring you an Iranian simulation of a United Nations Security Council debate on the Syrian crisis. The “Model UN”-type exercise was organized by […]

IDC crisis-games a terrorist attack on Israel

According to an article a few days ago in the Jerusalem Post, the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya recently conducted a crisis game exploring Israel’s response to a “an attack from Sinai, in which 17 people were killed and dozens wounded when two rockets hit Eilat.” The security cabinet, comprising former senior officials, ordered a strike on the […]

Crisis Response – from your brains to print ready

While preparing a short elective course on strategic coordination in crisis response, I was inspired by our discussion at Connections on the Haiti GameLab design challenge and started putting together a very simple card game that I’m currently calling Crisis Response (though other name suggestions welcome!). During a whirlwind week of travel (and a few […]

WPR: Teaching Crisis Decision-Making Through Simulations

World Politics Review has an article this week by Robert Farley (University of Kentucky) on “Teaching Crisis Decision-Making Through Simulations.” While most of it is behind the WPR paywall, this excerpt isn’t: Last week, the Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce, where I am an assistant professor, conducted its annual crisis simulation, which has traditionally attempted […]

Playing at the Eurozone crisis

How could we have missed this? Last month the European Central Bank has recently launched an iPhone and iPad version of its monetary policy game €conomia. The actual game is flashy (with catchy music too), but at its core very simple indeed: you simply adjust interest rates to keep inflation under control. That’s it. You needn’t worry […]

Simulating crisis in North Africa

Amidst political and humanitarian crisis in and around Libya, the Heritage Foundation is trumpeting the lessons of a 2009 crisis simulation that it conducted based on a fictional natural disaster in Tunisia: Harvard University’s Niall Ferguson recently criticized the Obama Administration for lacking foresight and planning over the events in Egypt. The point of his criticisms of […]

NDU South Asia crisis simulation report

From the Institute of National Security Studies at National Defense University, a report on a recent South Asia crisis simulation: Perspectives from Fragile Crescent: A South Asia Crisis Simulation February 24, 2009 By Christopher S. Robinson, Steven J. Tomisek, and Kenneth Kligge In February 2009, as national security experts were discussing proposals for U.S. strategy for Afghanistan […]

Georgetown crisis simulation in Qatar

The Gulf Times (25 November 2009) had a recent report on simulation activities at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service campus in Qatar: Students turn diplomats to resolve ‘crisis’ Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in Qatar (SFS-Qatar) and the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy (ISD) at Georgetown hosted a crisis simulation exercise for […]

ISW wargames international responses to ISIS global strategy

The Institute for the Study of War has released a report on two wargames it conducted earlier this year that examined the global expansion of ISIS activities and the possible response of the US, European, and regional actors. ISW’s simulation focused on possible outcomes of ISIS’s regional activity. The anti-ISIS coalition is currently focused on […]