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Crisis games during a crisis

The following piece was written for PAXsims by Patrick Dresch. Patrick is based in Salisbury (UK), and is interested in the application of board games as training tools for emergency and disaster response. In 2019 he completed an MSc in crisis and disaster management at the University of Portsmouth, supported by a dissertation investigating the potential […]

McGill: Gaming humanitarian crisis

On Wednesday, November 20 I’ll be speaking to the Games and Gamification for Human Development and Well-being (GHDW) working group at McGill University on “Gaming Humanitarian Crisis” (17h30-18h00). This will be followed by a demonstration game of AFTERSHOCK: A Humanitarian Crisis Game (18h00-20h30). The event will take place on the 1st floor of the Education […]

Crisis in South East Europe 2023

Back in May, the Centre for Science and Security Studies at King’s College London published a Crisis in South East Europe 2023 scenario for use in wargames, table-top exercises and classroom simulations (link). The scenario was designed to provide a means through which to think through the potential impact of disruptive technologies, such as missile […]

Crisis in Galasi

Next week I’m off to France to take part in a conference on the urban dimensions of religious conflict, organized by Prof. Mick Dumper (University of Exeter). In addition to the usual academic papers and discussions, this conference will also include a simulation set in Galasi, the fictional capital of the fictional country of Carana. […]

A refugee crisis megagame

The following is a guest post by Tom Grant (Serious Games at Work). Before I say anything, many thanks to Rex for giving me a guest spot here on his blog. Rex and I both have a deep passion for serious games; both of us use them, in different ways, in our day jobs. Rex […]

Noise in the gray zone: more findings from an Atlantic Council crisis simulation

Today I made a presentation to members of a US Department of Defense Strategic Multi-Layer Assessment group that is exploring so-called “gray zone” conflict, drawing upon some insights generated by the June 2016 Atlantic Council crisis simulation on US engagement in the Middle East. According the working definition used by the SMA team, the “gray zone” can be understood in […]

Exploring US engagement in the Middle East: A crisis simulation

Some weeks ago I posted a report on the game methodology that Bilal Saab, John Watts and I developed for a crisis simulation held at the Atlantic Council in Washington DC. The report from that game has now been released. With the current American election campaign and change in presidential administrations due in January 2017, […]

Crisis gaming at the Atlantic Council: Some methodological reflections

I am currently a Nonresident Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council, and this past week I was in Washington DC to run a crisis game, one designed in conjunction with my colleagues Bilal Saab and John Watts. The details and findings of the game will be outlined in an eventual Atlantic Council report, and may […]

International humanitarian crisis simulation at the University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota will be holding a three day field/simulation-based course on humanitarian assistance on 9-11 September 2016 in Canon Falls, MN. You’ll find further information on their website: The Humanitarian Crisis Simulation, founded in 2011, is a collaborative program led by the University of Minnesota Medical School, the School of Public Health, and the […]

CNAS crisis-games Baltic security

A few months ago RAND released a report based on tabletop wargames they had undertaken of a hypothetical Russian invasion of the Baltic republics. This month the Center for a New American Security has released its own report on Baltic security, based on a crisis game they conducted last month: In an effort to better prepare […]

AFTERSHOCK: A Humanitarian Crisis Game is now available for order!

We are very, very pleased to announced that AFTERSHOCK: A Humanitarian Crisis Game is now available from The Game Crafter. Click the image below to visit the order page. Tom Fisher and I would like to thank everyone who assisted with the development AFTERSHOCK. Many of the initial ideas for this game came from participants in the “Game Lab” at […]

Simulating the Syrian refugee crisis in Lebanon

Last month I had the pleasure of running a classroom simulation on the Syrian refugee crisis in Lebanon at the University of Exeter with Prof. Mick Dumper for his POL 2046 course on The Refugee Crisis in the Modern World. Gamers extraordinaire Tom Mouat and Jim Wallman came down for the day to assist, along with graduate student Abigail Grace. Today I […]

Humanitarian Crisis Game Tournament 2015

For the second year in a row I will be running a mini-tournament of AFTERSHOCK: A Humanitarian Crisis Game for some of my POLI 450 (Peacebuilding) students at McGill University this term. I have posted the tournament rules below, both for my class and for those who might be considering how to integrate this or a similar type of game […]

The Strategy Project: Teaching Strategic Thinking through Crisis Simulation

The latest issue of PS: Political Science & Politics 47, 2 (April 2014) has an article by Michael Hunzenker and Kristen Harkness on a classroom simulation designed to “teach strategic thinking through a crisis simulation”: In an effort to teach strategic thinking, the Center for International Security Studies at Princeton University designed an adaptable model for […]

Syrian refugee crisis simulation

The following guest post is contributed by Prof. Mick Dumper, Department of Political Science, University of Exeter. * * * This was a simulation I ran in February 2014 for my 3rd year module – Refugee Crisis and the Modern World– in which students study the international refugee regime, international refugee law, the durable solutions […]