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CKNW on ISIS Crisis

This morning I did an interview with Vancouver radio station CKNW about the ISIS CRISIS matrix game . We also briefly discussed AFTERSHOCK. You can listen to the discussion here.  

ISIS Crisis at RT

Following pieces by VICE News, France Info, Geeks & Sundry, CBC News, and RIA Novosti, Russia Today has now published a report about the ISIS Crisis matrix game. With the help of a map and a pair of scissors, you can now print out and play a board game that simulates the conflict in Iraq. Invented by […]


The CBC has published a report today examining the use of games by the Canadian government, including our work with Defence Research & Development Canada using both ISIS Crisis and AFTERSHOCK: Canada’s military has been experimenting with a tabletop game inspired by the war against ISIS to help plan what tanks, planes, ships and people it […]

ISIS Crisis at Geek & Sundry

First it was VICE News, then France Info, and now Geek & Sundry has published a piece discussing work by PAXsims and Defence Research and Development Canada on the ISIS Crisis game and the serious application of matrix gaming techniques. In late 2014, DRDC tried out a game meant to help demonstrate various aspects of certain strategies […]

France Info reports on ISIS Crisis

First it was Vice News, and now it is France Info reporting on the ISIS Crisis games conducted by Defence Research and Development Canada last year. Les hauts-gradés de l’armée canadienne ont pris l’habitude de tester leur stratégie via… des jeux de société. Le dernier en date s’inspire de l’actualité au Moyen-Orient. “La crise de Daech” se joue […]

ISIS Crisis at MIGS

Yesterday, Tom Fisher and I ran a game of the ISIS Crisis matrix game at the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies at Concordia University. Partly the purpose of the game was to explore the challenges involved in mass atrocity prevention in Iraq. Even more so, however, we wanted to give MIGS some experience […]

Updated ISIS Crisis materials

Tom Mouat has updated the map and unit markers for the ISIS Crisis matrix game (as of 13/3/2015). ISIS Crisis guidebook ISIS Crisis briefings ISIS Crisis counters 1 ISIS Crisis counters 2 ISIS Crisis counters 3 ISIS Crisis counters 4 ISIS Crisis generic counters 1 ISIS Crisis low res map ISIS CRIS main map (large/sections for […]

ISIS Crisis at McGill

The Interuniversity Consortium for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies at McGill University was the latest location for an ISIS Crisis matrix game. The roles and rules were the same as for our recent game at the University of Ottawa. The players this time were largely drawn from graduate and undergraduate students with an interest in […]

ISIS Crisis at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

The following summary of the game has been provided by Tom Mouat (Defence Academy of the UK). For other games, see here and here. (Note: the game scenario is intended to familiarize players with the methodology, not as any sort of official examination of the conflict with ISIS.) * * * We had another go […]

Revisiting the “ISIS Crisis”

Last week a group of us assembled at the University of Ottawa to matrix-game the current conflict concerning the self-styled “Islamic State” in Iraq and Syria. For practical reasons and to limit the number of players/teams, the game largely focused on Iraq. The purpose, as with an earlier game held at the UK Defence Academy, was to […]

CNAS A Deadly Game: East China Sea Crisis 2030

There is still time to register for A Deadly Game: East China Sea Crisis 2030, and online virtual wargame being hosted by the Center for a New American Security on July 22.

Utrecht Institute for Crisis and Conflict Simulation

The following report was prepared for PAXsims by Tim Goudriaan. The COVID-19 pandemic inspired Dutch academics, students, and gamers to create the Utrecht Institute for Crisis and Conflict Simulation (UICCS). In March 2020, when the Netherlands went into lockdown and universities moved their classes online, nearly 30 Utrecht University students reorganised themselves into an online […]

CNAS: East China Sea Crisis 2030

As part of its 2020 America Competes national security conference, the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) will convene a virtual wargame on July 22: A Deadly Game: East China Sea Crisis 2030. Additional conference details and registration can be found here. Participants can register separately for various panel discussions and for the game itself. h/t […]

Hoover Institution: International Crisis War Game, 27 May 2020

The war game explores the relationship between new technologies, domestic politics, conventional military capabilities, and nuclear threats. Players simulate decision-making roles in a National Security cabinet and come to the war game as leaders in private industry, government, academia, and the military. The aim is to better understand the role that emerging technologies play in […]

Crisis games during a crisis

The following piece was written for PAXsims by Patrick Dresch. Patrick is based in Salisbury (UK), and is interested in the application of board games as training tools for emergency and disaster response. In 2019 he completed an MSc in crisis and disaster management at the University of Portsmouth, supported by a dissertation investigating the potential […]