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Registration now open for Connections UK 2022

Registration is now open for the Connections UK conference for wargaming professionals on Wednesday 6 and Thursday 7 September 2022. This will again be remote but will help set the conditions for a return to a face-to-face conference in 2023. The theme of this year’s conference will be ‘Becoming a seasoned wargaming practitioner’. We will […]

Connections (US) 2022 registration now open

Registration for the Connections (US) 2022 professional wargaming conference is now open. On behalf of conference founder and co-chair Matt Caffrey and the rest of the Connections organizing team, I am pleased to announce that registration for Connections 2022 is now open!  This year’s conference will be hosted by the Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA) […]

Connections Online 2022

The Connections Online 22 professional wargaming conference will take place on 19-21 April 2022 (core events), with extended events taking place 18-24 April. Additional details can be found at Armchair Dragoons.

Connections UK at DSET 2022

In conjunction with UK Fight Club, Connections UK is supporting the UK MOD’s Defence Simulation, Education and Training (DSET) conference in June 2022. The conference runs from 7 – 10 June, but the day featuring Connections UK is Wednesday 8 June. This will be face-to-face at Ashton Gate Stadium, Bristol, UK, and akin to a Games Fair […]

Connections US Wargaming Conference Proceedings needs your help!

All the materials that we have for 1993 — 2021 are now loaded onto the Connections US Wargaming Conference Proceedings website. But a LOT of it is missing. Please help! If you ever attended a Connections US Wargaming Conference or presented at one, please go through your garage, basement, attic etc. for old paper and […]

Connections Japan Pre-Launch!

Japan’s National Institute for Defense Studies (NIDS — the research arm and thinktank of Japan’s Ministry of Defense) held a preparatory meeting for the launch of “Connections Japan”, slated to for autumn this year. The meeting was opened by Professor Nobushige Takamizawa (a visiting professor at the University of Tokyo, former NIDS President, and ex-Ambassador […]

Connections US Wargaming Conference Proceedings now Online

The Chair of Connections US, Matt Caffrey, has authorized the creation of an online, public, and freely available archive of the Connections US Wargaming Conferences. The most recent decade + of conferences is now available at: BUT … We are missing many of the presentations. Please help!(for example, we are missing MOST of the materials […]

Connections North Day 2 preview

The Connections North 2022 professional (war)gaming conference is now just over a week away. We’ve already provided an overview of what is in store for Day 1 (February 19), so let’s now have a look at Day 2 (February 20). We will be starting off with a panel on coopération dans le jeu sérieux, chaired […]

Connections North Day 1 preview

With the Connections North professional (war)gaming conference fast approaching on February 19-20, so we thought we would give you all a preview of what is to come. On February 19 we will be starting off with our usual Canada gaming update panels, designed give conference participants a sense of who has been doing what in […]

Connections North 2022 conference programme

The full conference programme is now available for the annual Connections North professional (war)gaming conference (online, 19-20 February). Registration is free, via Eventbrite.

Registration for Connections Next Gen is now open!

by Stefanie Game Registration for Connections Next Gen is now open! The Conference will be held over Zoom on March 12-13 (Saturday-Sunday), starting at 14:00 GMT. Imaginetic and members of the UK Civil Service have teamed up to show how realistic scenario simulations can be useful in any field, for any profession. This is a […]

Connections North 2022 registration open

Registration is now open for the Connections North 2022 professional (war)gaming conference, to be held online on February 19-20 (Saturday-Sunday). CONNECTIONS NORTH is an annual conference devoted to conflict simulation, wargaming, and other serious games. It is intended for national security professionals, policymakers, researchers, educators, game designers, university students, and others interested in the field […]

Connections US 2022 call for papers (and Connections North update)

Connections US has issued a call for papers for its July 2022 professional wargaming conference: Connections US 2022 is expected to be conducted in person at The Institute for Defense Analysis (IDA) Alexandria, Virginia, July 26-29. We will reassess our plans should public health considerations warrant. The Call for Presentations is now open and can be […]

Gaming the Irrational — Connections US 2021 Working Group 3 Report

In this working group report Ed McGrady, Justin Peachey, John Hanley and Roger Mason discussed the problem of including counter-factual, irrational, or awkward elements in game play. While there are simple solutions such as “put it in as an inject” what they looked for was: a discussion of how to shape the game, and player […]

Connections UK at DSET 2022, March 9

Connections UK will hold a one-day in-person wargaming meeting on Monday 7th March at the 2022 UK Defense Simulation Education & Training Conference in Bristol UK. Click on the DSET logo for full conference programme and other details. From the DSET website: “DSET was set up in 2016 to facilitate military to military engagement; and […]