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MMOWGLI, the massive multiplayer online simulation experience developed by the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), begins its next interactive program on January 20. This iteration is based on the impact of black swan events. Below, the write-up from the team. If you are interested in signing up to participate, go here. For PAXsims coverage of the […]

piracy returns to MMOWGLI

MMOWGLI—the Massive Multiplayer Online Wargame Leveraging the Internet, developed by the Naval Postgraduate School—is relaunching their piracy game on June 18, with naval personnel, NPS students, and other professionals and subject matter experts from around the world involved. As Don Brutzman reported last month on the MMOWGLI blog: This week we had an excellent meeting […]

MMOWGLI update

Don Bruzman (MOVES Institute, Naval Postgraduate School) recently delivered a presentation on the current status of the MMOWGLI crowdsourcing/wargame project to the CENIC 2012 conference (“Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California”). You can access it here. On a side note, I must say that I’m pleased to see that Don’s presentations still feature idea […]

Mmowgli vs peak oil

Having recently completed a brief replay of one turn of their Somali piracy simulation, the folks at MMOWGLI will next be using their crowd-sourcing/wargaming/social media platform to examine the issue of energy dependence and US naval operations. According to a press release from the Office of Naval Research: 09:30 GMT, October 17, 2011 ARLINGTON, Va. | […]

Yarrrr, MMOWGLI Turn 2

This past week, the Naval Postgraduate School ran a prelaunch playtest of Turn 2 of the MMOWGLI crowd-sourcing platform. Building on the earlier Turn 1 anti-piracy scenario, this time they advanced the clock to 2014 when a “Yemeni-Somali Union” had emerged to sponsor piracy in the area. But now, in 2014, the situation has changed. […]

MMOWGLI update

Don Brutzman at the Naval Postgraduate School has provided an update on the phased roll-out of the crowd-sourcing/simulation platform, via the mmowgli game blog: The MMOWGLI team is hard at work preparing for the next moves in the game. Game Move 1 was successful, thanks to everyone who played! There were many interesting results, and they […]

Reflections on mmowgli (Game Turn One edition)

Over the past few days I had a chance to participate in a game turn of MMOWGLI (the Massive Multiplayer Online WarGame Leveraging the Internet), in a scenario that addressed the challenge posed by Somali piracy. As we’ve discussed before in PAXsims, MMOWGLI isn’t a wargame in any traditional sense, but rather a crowd-sourcing and brainstorming platform. […]

MMOWGLI almost ready to sail

An email from the MMOWGLI team went out today to those who have signed up for the forthcoming playtest, indicating that the Office of Naval Research’s experimental crowd sourcing/simulation experiment will launch next week: Dear mmowgli player, Thank you for your interest in mmowgli-a groundbreaking experiment in collective intelligence. You’re officially on our team of […]

Shiver me timbers—MMOWGLI delayed

The US Navy has announced that the pirate-themed playtest of MMOWGLI crowd-sourcing/simulation platform has been delayed, due to the large number of potential participants: The Office of Naval Research (ONR) announced May 19 that it has delayed the launch of its internet wargame exercise due to overwhelming interest and a surge in player registrations. The […]

MMOWGLImania and some thoughts on purposive social media

The impending online playtest of MMOWGLI (the “Massively Multiplayer Online Wargame Leveraging the Internet,” developed for the Office of Naval Research) continues to draw considerable media coverage. One of the most recent contributions is an article in yesterday’s Washington Post: To combat Somali pirates, the U.S. Navy has relied on warships, snipers and SEAL teams. Now, it […]

Arrrr mateys, here be MMOWGLI…

The MMOWGLI (“Massively Multiplayer Online War Game Leveraging the Internet”) crowd-sourcing/simulation platform being developed by US Navy and the Institute for the Future will launch a live online playtest next week. As Wired has reported, the playtest will encourage participants to suggest new and innovative ways of dealing with the challenges of maritime piracy off the Horn of […]

scooped on MMOWGLI by Grog News

Sheesh—your intrepid PaxSims reporter travels all the way from the Great White North to National Defense University to attend the quarterly CASL roundtable on strategic gaming, only to be scooped by Brant Guillory at Grog News. That man is everywhere. As Brant reports, much of the session was devoted to a session on the interesting […]

Simulation and gaming miscellany, 26 March 2017

It may be a week or more before I am able to post much of anything to PAXsims—McGill University’s annual Brynania civil war simulation starts on Monday, involving 120 players and 73 hours of game play spread over 8 days. The class will generate around 12,000 email messages for me to read, which is why I’ll […]

Simulation and gaming miscellany, 29 September 2014

Some recent simulation and serious gaming items that may be of interest to PAXsims readers. * * * The latest issue of the Alliance for Peacebuilding’s semiannual publication  Building Peace includes a piece by  Helena Puig Larrauri on “Technology and the Moral Imagination in Local Peacebuilding” that briefly addresses the possible contribution of digital games to peacebuilding: […]


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