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Daily Archives: 05/01/2023

MORS Journal of Wargaming

The Military Operations Research Society has launched a new MORS Journal of Wargaming, edited by Dr. Ed McGrady (Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Center for New American Security) and Dr. John Curry (Senior Lecturer in games development and cybersecurity, Bath Spa University).

The MORS Journal of Wargaming is the premier research publication for articles on the art, practice, and science of professional gaming and related fields. It is peer-reviewed and broad-based. Our goal is to advance the field of professional games, which we define as games played by those with a professional stake in the subject of the game.

While the title of the Journal is “wargaming”, we do not limit discussion of professional games by either their type or purpose. Topics can range from education to analyses, and games can range from board games to conference-scale policy games. Articles do not have to involve a defense or military subject. The Journal seeks any and all articles that develop the art and science of professional games, to include articles on the design, development, production, play and analysis of games. We welcome articles on how a game integrates narrative into its design as well as articles analyzing the statistical outcomes of a series of educational games. Submissions that describe the play and results of a particular game are also welcome; we refer to these as Game Reports.

Submissions should be clear and in plain English, logical and well argued, with supporting references and specifics on game design, outcome, or analysis. Articles can include suggestions for further reading.

The Journal will be published online bi-annually but may expand depending on demand and numbers of submissions.

Further details can be found at the link above.

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