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PAXsims 2022 in review

Best wishes for 2023, PAXsims readers! We hope your year will be filled with effective peace and conflict simulations and many serious (and not so-serious) games.

In 2022 we had some 49,904 visitors and 100,993 page views, similar to most recent years. During the lifetime of the project we are now up to a total of 569,000 visitors and 1.2 million page views.

Our visitors in 2022 came from 177 countries and territories, with the United States once again contributing the largest share.

  • United States 39.8%
  • United Kingdom 14.2%
  • Canada 8.9%
  • Australia 3.5%
  • Japan 2.7%
  • Germany 2.6%
  • France 2.5%
  • Netherlands 2.4%
  • Italy 1.6%
  • Spain 1.4%
  • China 1.4%

Other NATO countries represented 6.1% of the total, and the rest of the world 13.0%.

We had 138 posts in 2022, down a little since last year. Our post popular new posts in 2022 were:

Since PAXsims was established we have posted 2,141 items on conflict simulation and serious games. We look forward to sharing even more articles, links. and commentary in the year to come!

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