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Daily Archives: 09/11/2022

Simulation & Gaming (December 2022)

Simulation & Gaming 53, 6 (December 2022) is now available online (paywalled):


  • To Nudge or to Gamify – How to Repair Reality?
    • Marlies P. Schijven and Toshiko Kikkawa


  • The Effect of Serious Games on Medical Students’ Motivation, Flow and Learning
    • Ihsen Zairi, Mohamed Ben Dhiab, Khadija Mzoughi, and Imtinene Ben Mrad
  • Mastery learning and deliberate practice: Do simulationists need clarification?
    • Timothy C. Clapper

Research Articles

  • Offsetting Game—Framing Environmental Issues in the Design of a Serious Game
    • Nina V. Nygren, Ville Kankainen, and Lucas Brunet
  • Comparison of Knowledge Change in a Virtual Reality Simulation Across Four Platform Technologies
    • Brian Cleveley, Karin Diane Hatheway-Dial, Lori Wahl, and Joey Peutz

Theoretical Articles

  • Unlocking the Methodology of Escape Rooms: Considerations for Conducting Applied Escape Rooms in Research
    • Andrew C. Griggs, Elizabeth H. Lazzara, Shawn M. Doherty, Joseph R. Keebler, Bruce L. Gewertz, and Tara N. Cohen
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