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Simulation & Gaming, October 2022

The latest issue of Simulation & Gaming 53, 5 (October 2022) is now available.


  • One Winner for Games? 
    • Marlies P. Schijven and Toshiko Kikkawa


  • The Effect of 2D and 3D Action Video Game Interventions on Executive Functions in Male Students 
    • Faride Sadat Hoseini, Masood Khodadadi, and Alireza Khorambakht
  • Same Gaming: An Exploration of Relationships Between Gender Traits, Sexual Orientation, Motivations, and Enjoyment of Playing Video Games 
    • Julia Kneer, Yubo Zhang, Bartosz Grzegorz Żerebecki, and Tim Wulf
  • Legitimate Peripheral Participation by Novices in a Dungeons and Dragons Community 
    • Michael J. Giordano

Research Articles

  • Improving Environmental Outcomes With Games: An Exploration of Behavioural and Technological Design and Evaluation Approaches 
    • Kristy de Salas, Louise Ashbarry, Mikaela Seabourne, Ian Lewis, Lindsay Wells, Julian Dermoudy, Erin Roehrer, Matthew Springer, James D. Sauer, and Jenn Scott
  • Roles of Serious Game in Diabetes Patient Education 
    • Chen Ling, Shriram Seetharaman, and Lubna Mirza


  • Association between Clinical Simulation Design Features and Novice Healthcare Professionals’ Cognitive Load: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 
    • Alexandra Lapierre, Caroline Arbour, Marc-André Maheu-Cadotte, Billy Vinette, Guillaume Fontaine, and Patrick Lavoie

Short Research Article

  • “What if We Explore…” Promoting Engaged Learning and Collaboration with MOUNTAIN RESCUE 
    • Denise M. Bressler, M. Shane Tutwiler, Amanda Siebert-Evenstone, Leonard A. Annetta, and Jason A. Chen

One response to “Simulation & Gaming, October 2022

  1. Jay Roland 06/09/2022 at 1:31 pm

    I will be attending the CA2X2 in Rome from 27 to 29 September. If any members of PAXsims should be similarly scheduled, I would like to meet you. I am a neophyte wrt the wide, wide world of wargaming and need some course correction wrt who is who and what is what.

    I have reviewed with great interest (not read in detail) this list of documents. This should provide a starting point.

    Warfare Modeling, Wiley. 1995. J. Bracken, M. Kress and R. Rosenthal. Multiple authors.
    On Wargaming, The Newport Papers, US Naval War College 2019. Matthew B. Caffrey Jr.
    Forging Wargamers, US Marine Corps University Press 2022. Edited by Sebastian Bae. Multiple authors.
    Simulation and Wargaming, Wiley 2022. Edited by C. Turnitsa, C. Blais and A. Tolk. Multiple authors.
    Computer Assisted Exercises and Training, Wiley 2009. E. Cayirci and D. Marincic.
    A Small Step Toward Interoperability, Information & Security, International Journal, Volume 12, Number 2, 2003. R. Roland


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