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Daily Archives: 13/07/2022

Simulation & Gaming (August 2022)

The latest issue of Simulation & Gaming 53, 4 (August 2022) is now available.


  • Is there any (artificial) intelligence in gaming? 
    • Marlies P. Schijven and Toshiko Kikkawa

Research Articles

  • Augmented Virtuality Systems as a Tool for Improving Numeracy Decision-Making Among Children 
    • N Yuviler-Gavish, Z Treiger, E Horesh, and E Shamilov
  • The Association Between Multitasking and Multi-Patient Care Skills in a Simulated Patient Care Video Game Among Second Year Medical Students Based on Specialty Choice 
    • Sridevi Korand, Cha Chi Fung, Sammy Cohen, Thomas B. Talbot, Susan Fischer, Cindy Luu, Mariam Sargsyan, Eyal Ben-Isaac, Juan Espinoza, and Todd P. Chang

Short Research Article

  • Using Simulation to Test Validity and Reliability of I-BIDS: A New Handoff Tool 
    • Frank Guido-Sanz, Mindi Anderson, Steven Talbert, Desiree A. Diaz, Gregory Welch, and Alyssa Tanaka


  • Machine learning and Serious Game for the Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease Samiha Mezrar and
    • Fatima Bendella

Theoretical Article

  • Fight. Heal. Repeat: A Look at Rhetorical Devices in Grinding Game Mechanics 
    • Sabrina A. Sgandurra
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