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Daily Archives: 30/01/2022

We Are Coming Nineveh! in the pipeline

For those who have been asking—yes, we are getting closer to the publication of We Are Coming, Nineveh!, the tactical-operational game of the 2017 liberation of West Mosul from Daesh (ISIS) control by the Iraqi security forces and their Coalition allies. The game is designed by Juliette Le Ménahèze and Harrison Brewer, with support from Brian Train and myself.

WACN is being published by Nuts! Publishing, and you can see some of the final art and components on their website.

There’s also a video in which I discuss the game design:

You’ll find several previous posts discussing the design process here at PAXsims.

Dietz Foundation: Littoral Commander

PAXsims doesn’t usually post forthcoming game announcements, since there are far too many to keep up with. However, we’re making an exception for Littoral Commander: The Indo-Pacific for three reasons.

First, it is a very well-designed game.

Littoral Commander: Indo-Pacific (LC) is a 2 to 6-player ‘grand tactical’ wargame which explores the future of warfare. The wargame is designed to be accessible to all levels of players, whether civilian or military, and with no experience with games necessary to play (though it is helpful!). Utilizing a dynamic card-oriented game system, LC offers fast-paced, accessible, and flexible gameplay with plenty of player interaction during turns. LC is not about number-crunching or odds-totaling.  The LC series provides a rich and interactive “intellectual sandbox” for inquisitive minds to explore and engage with the daunting challenges of current and future wartime operations.

For this campaign, the Foundation is creating LC, a wargame/simulation currently used for professional military education.   The game emphasizes the complex nature of future modern warfare involving air, land, sea, space, and cyberspace forces and is already in use for professional military education with military units across the world

Second, it is designed by Sebastian Bae, who has done as much as anyone in recent years to encourage and support the next generation of wargaming professionals. Third, it is being published by the Dietz Foundation:

The Dietz Foundation began in July 2018, created by Jim Dietz, with the dream of making a difference in American society by helping teachers learn alternative means of education in the classroom; endowing scholarships at high schools for students going into education; endowing scholarships at the collegiate level for students pursuing teaching certificates; and teaching the general public through the play of games.

The Foundation is managed by Jim Dietz under the supervision of a board of directors including men and women with important past and current expertise for the organization: non-profit organizational leadership, game design, educational pedagogy, social media communication, game industrial manufacturing and sales experience, and educational game design.

You can preorder (USD$65 + shipping) at the link above.

UPDATE: I should have thought to have linked to this excellent interview with Sebastian at Armchair Dragoon.

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