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Daily Archives: 13/01/2022

‘Data for Wargaming’ roundtable

The SISO Simulation and Wargaming Study Group invites you to participate in an online, open roundtable discussion regarding the challenges related to data used in professional wargaming.

January 19, 2022      11:00am – 1:00pm (Eastern US Time), via Zoom

From this roundtable, we plan to schedule a later forum, where two or three of the top challenges are discussed in detail.

Professional wargaming both requires and produces a great amount of data, and in many cases, there are challenges that are specific to wargaming.  We are looking for participants to share a short (5-10 minute) description of the problems they have with either acquiring or using wargaming data – this can be either a challenge or a clever solution.  The possible topics that this could include are listed (but not limited to) those below.  

Possible topics Include:

  • Scenario Data 
  • Data for Adjudication 
  • Capturing Data during a game 
  • Representing data in a  wargame? 
  • Turning AAR data into a Narrative 
  • Security classification issues with Data Sources 
  • Validation issues with Data Sources
  • MetaData
  • Interoperability

Anyone interested in contributing please contact Chuck Turnitsa at

To join the Round Table on January 19, 11:00am (Eastern US Time), click on this link:  

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