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PAXsims 2021 in review

Happy New Year, everyone! As usual, we thought we would present some statistics from the past year here at PAXsims.

In 2021 we had a total of 56,095 visitors and 114,495 page views. That’s down from our record of 94,842 visitors in 2020—but statistics that year were boosted by the many thousands of people who read our coverage of the Transition Integrity Project crisis games on potential disruption of the US presidential election and transition. The number of visitors in 2021 was very similar to the statistics for 2016-2019.

Over six hundred of you subscribe to our posts via email or WordPress—a good way to guarantee you don’t miss anything.

In total, since PAXsims was first launched in 2009, we have had 519,185 visitors and our posts have been viewed over 1.1 million times. That’s a lot of serious gamers.

In 2021, our visitors came from 183 countries and territories. Again, the US provided by far the largest share of visitors. However, the continued rise of China in the rankings is noteworthy.

  1. United States 88.6%
  2. United Kingdom 27.7%
  3. Canada 15.8%
  4. Netherlands 7.4%
  5. Australia 6.3%
  6. Germany 5.3%
  7. China 5.0%
  8. Japan 4.0%
  9. France 3.8%
  10. Spain 3.6%

We posted 172 items in 2021. Our five most popular new posts from the past year were:

  1. Wargaming an invasion of Taiwan
  2. COVID Buster : An Epidemic Crisis Management Game
  3. Preparing for the doomsday variant
  4. Sabin on strategic wargaming
  5. Bae on educational wargaming

Among our posts from earlier years, those on accessibility in D&D, AFTERSHOCK: A Humanitarian Crisis Game, the Derby House Principles on diversity and inclusion in professional wargaming, and the annual Connections North professional (war)gaming conference remained popular.

Google Analytics estimates that 27% of our readers are women. Regarding age, our largest demographic appears to be those ages 25-34 (27.4%). It seems, therefore, we are reaching those relatively new to serious gaming as well as the well-established grognards.

Finally, we would very much like to thank our Patreon supporters over the past year. Your support makes PAXsims possible!


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