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Connections UK at DSET 2022, March 9

Connections UK will hold a one-day in-person wargaming meeting on Monday 7th March at the 2022 UK Defense Simulation Education & Training Conference in Bristol UK. Click on the DSET logo for full conference programme and other details.

From the DSET website:

“DSET was set up in 2016 to facilitate military to military engagement; and to give military the opportunity to educate industry in a challenge lead approach. International military and government drive the DSET agenda and deliver the majority of presentations.”

2 responses to “Connections UK at DSET 2022, March 9

  1. Stephen Downes-Martin 08/02/2022 at 3:03 pm

    Yes, DSET moved to June 7–10, and the Wargaming day (Connections UK & UK Fight Club) is now 8th of June. See the program at:

  2. David Manley 08/02/2022 at 8:45 am

    Is this the conference that is in June 2022? I can’t see a March event on the website

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