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A crest comes home

In addition to recently obtaining a U-Boat, the Western Approaches HQ museum in Liverpool has obtained a unique piece of wargaming history—the crest that once adorned the door of the Western Approaches Tactical Unit.

One response to “A crest comes home

  1. Howard Davies 16/11/2021 at 5:34 pm

    Fortuitous timing and great news. Nice to see the U-Boat transfer of ownership. The boat languished for many years on the docks before being cut into sections to make it more accessible for visitors. Having a Battle of the Atlantic museum space bracketing the river is apt. If only the northern outlet of the Imperial War Museum had gone to Liverpool instead of Manchester….
    Now, if they could only find another Corvette or Destroyer that’s been overlooked in someone’s back garden, that would make a great exhibit…

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