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Government Matters: Wong on wargaming at the Department of Defense

Yuna Huh Wong (Research Analyst in the Joint Advanced Warfighting Division at the Institute for Defense Analyses) is interviewed at Government Matters on wargaming at the US Department of Defense. You’ll find the full video here.

One response to “Government Matters: Wong on wargaming at the Department of Defense

  1. James Garner 15/03/2021 at 9:13 am

    At the end of the interview, MS. Wong brings up a serious topic, which we should discuss further: the ‘Demographic Cliff’ we are about to fall off. Many of the stalwart members of our group, those with strong experience, grew up wargaming with complex OTB games from SPI and equivalents. These individuals, who were largely white teenager boys during the heyday of the paper wargames, are retiring now. How do we replace them, and retain thee expertise with individuals who grew up playing video games rather than complex OTB wargames?
    I think the current training effort needs to be strengthened. For years, we relied on an apprenticeship, like training, which only works when you have aged experts to train up the next generation. This model becomes unsustainable with the pending demographics. Phil Sabin has a degree granting program at King’s college, in London. This has potential to give young people direct experience at playing and crating OTB games. Are there any others similar programs? MORS has a week long training certifications to help fill the gap. What will be the role of computerization, automating, and AI in wargaming and the wargaming community during the next decade and beyond? I dont’ have the answers, just more questions, which we should discuss.

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