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Daily Archives: 14/01/2021

MORS 89th annual symposium

The 89th annual Military Operations Research Society Symposium will be held on 21-24 June 2021 at Marine Corps University, Quantico VA.

Working Group 30 addresses wargaming:

A wargame is a dynamic representation of conflict or competition in which people make decisions and respond to the consequences of those decisions. Analytic wargames are wargames created to provide insights to assist senior leaders as they make difficult decisions. Analytic wargames are inherent in DoD’s planning process (as well as many of our allies and partners, including NATO, UK, Canada, Australia), and they are also used by many analytic organizations to explore future concepts and technologies and to develop the CONOPS necessary to instantiate into combat simulations. Additionally, testers and experimenters use wargames as a front-end screening tool to better understand where to leverage high- dollar tests and experiments to get the highest return on investment. This year, we are seeking analytic wargaming best practices from planners, analysts, testers, and experimenters. We are especially interested in hearing from planning wargamers at flag headquarters such as Combatant Commands to hear best practices and lessons learned while creating and conducting the wargames that inform our future plans. We are interested in hearing from those who use wargames and combat simulations together for analytic studies and for planning. We are also looking for new techniques that organizations have found for wargaming adjudication and analysis. We are interested in hearing from those who have adopted techniques and mechanics from hobby games for use in defense wargaming. We would like to hear from logistics wargamers, as this is a critical need and one often overlooked. WG 30 encourages presentations on best practices for the definition, design, execution, and analysis of wargames, methods from other disciplines that may be of use to DoD-oriented wargames, new or innovative wargaming techniques from educational or experiential wargames, and wargame results from national security domains.

Several of the other working groups also include the use of serious gaming.

Abstracts are due February 16 for those who would like to present at the event—more information (including conference registration) can be found at the link above.

Wargaming positions at SPA

Systems Planning and Analysis (a mid-sized defense contractor headquartered in the DC metro area) has recently broken ground on a new Wargaming and Conference Center at their facility and are recruiting for two new wargaming positions. These positions will directly support clients in the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (OUSD R&E), but SPA also conducts wargames for the Services and Joint community. Most of their current wargame efforts focus on emerging technology and the future operating environment.

One position is more senior and geared towards an experienced wargamer who can quickly take on tasks and their own wargame effort and the other is for a more junior analyst who can focus on wargame development and execution and grow into a design role. Both positions require the ability to attain a DoD security clearance.

Further information can be found at the links above.

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