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Daily Archives: 13/12/2020

Representing Artificial Intelligence in Wargames

Proceedings of the Connections US 2020 Wargaming Conference Working Group 2, with contributions from: ED McGrady, Dennis Rensel, Kristan Wheaton, Megan Hennessey, Abram Trosky, Joseph Saur, Jeremy Sepinsky and John Hanley.

What effects will AI or other advanced technologies have on how we fight? New technologies are notoriously hard to incorporate into existing military operational concepts. Some change nothing, others change everything. How to identify the holistic effects of technologies like AI or other advanced technologies is a task is well suited to wargaming. After all, wargamers often consider the far flung future and provide a possible universe for study. As noted by multiple authors the lack of actual technology did not prevent study of future technologies in the InterWar period.

The report contains an executive summary explaining the high level takeaways and the Working Group method and process, and seven research papers along with discussion.

The initial chapters provide an overview of the challenges inherent in addressing specific methods for including AI and other advanced technologies in wargames. Following this discussion, the next several papers provide an overview of a range of methods to represent AI and other advanced technologies in wargames. Finally, the report closes with a discussion of some of the mathematical considerations that may allow us to address the challenges provided by AI.

Please direct inquiries to the Chair of the Working Group, Ed McGrady:

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