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Daily Archives: 15/11/2020

Ludogogy: The wargames issue

A special issue of Ludogogy (November 2020) devoted to wargames is now available.

The issue includes articles on “The Personal Benefits of Wargaming” (Martin Domville), “The missing introduction to wargaming experiences” (Natalia Wojtowicz), “The Re-popularization of Commercial Wargames” (Maurice Suckling), “Gamification of Strategic Thinking with a COTS boardgame” (Thorsten Kodalle), “EdUTeam Wargames – Table-top wargames to train business school students” (Philippe Lepinard), “Start on Day 3: Liminality in High-Stress Wargames” (James ‘Pigeon’ Fielder), “Wargaming: The Challenges of Preconceptions “ (Anthony Sharman), “Business Wargaming….for an uncertain world” (Matt Stanton), and “From Battlefield to Boardroom….. and back again!” (Chris Paton).

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