Conflict simulation, peacebuilding, and development

Simulation & Gaming (December 2020)

The latest issue of Simulation & Gaming 51, 6 (December 2020) is now available (paywall).


  • Vigorous writing is concise, research is rigorous 
    • Timothy C. Clapper


  • Assessing the Distinctive Contributions of Simulation & Gaming to the Literature, 1970-2019: A Bibliometric Review 
    • Uyen-Phuong Nguyen and Philip Hallinger


  • Implications of Subject Matter Expertise as a Requirement for Debriefing: A Randomized Control Trial
    • Desiree A. Díaz, Laura Gonzalez, Mindi Anderson, Valorie MacKenna, Erica Hoyt, and Peggy P. Hill
  • Cross-Cultural Analysis of Gamer Identity: A Comparison of the United States and Poland 
    • Małgorzata Ćwiland William T. Howe
  • Neurological Assessment Using a Physical-Virtual Patient (PVP) 
    • Laura Gonzalez, Salam Daher, and Greg Welch
  • Gearing Up for the Future of Exercise 
    • Rory McGloin, Kimberly Embacher-Martin, Christine Gilbert, and Jaci VanHeest
  • Simulation Game Outcomes: A Multilevel Examination of Knowledge Sharing Norms, Transactive Memory Systems, and Individual Learning Goal Orientations 
    • Janice Francis Super, Teresa K. Betts, Heath Keller, and Joy Roach Humphreys

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