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Daily Archives: 06/09/2020

Unethical Wargaming Working Group

The US Command and General Staff College is hosting the Connections US 2021 Wargaming Conference. They have set the Theme for the conference as “Ethics and Wargaming”.

I invite you to join the “Unethical Wargaming” Working Group of the Connections US Wargaming Conference 2021.

The focus of this Connections US Working Group is the thought experiment that examines

“how to use unethical practices to make your wargame say what you want it to say.”

By deliberately assuming malign intent, we identify and avoid additional unethical practices to those that might be identified assuming benign intent.

If you decide to join you may participate in at least four ways

  • Write a paper for inclusion in the final report. Your paper can be on any topic you choose so long as it fits within the above focus.
  • Comment and discuss other members’ papers and respond to comments on your own (if you write one).
  • Engage in online discussions on any topic that surface within the focus area of the group.
  • Lurk and learn, and contribute when you feel comfortable doing so.

The Group will collaborate on-line starting in October 2020. During the Conference in 2021 we will run a Workshop to obtain inputs from the broader community. After the Conference we will produce a final report and post it online for public dissemination as a resource for the community. Contributors retain intellectual property rights for their materials. For an example of the kind of report we will produce see:

If you wish to join, please email me at
and please include a link to your online bio. Thanks.

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