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Daily Archives: 03/08/2020

CNAS: A deadly game in the East China Sea

The Center for a New American Security has posted the video of their recent wargame of a future militarized crisis in the East China Sea. Each turn, members of the audience chose from among the options presented by CNAS experts, who then gamed the results.

The post-game session included not only the scenario and East Asia security issues, but there also a discussion (at 1:46:35) on the value of diversity in serious gaming.

Russian documents from Russo-Japanese war sought

Does anyone have access (or a reference librarian who does) to the following? I have tried our own reference librarian but to no avail so widening the call:

  1. “сборник тактических указаний данных начальниками в войну 1904-05 гг.”  собрано по генералъ квартирмейстера при главнокомандующем. Ст. Петерсбург, 1906
    Or in English:
    “A collection of tactical instructions given by the commanders in the war of 1904-05” collected by the quartermaster general under the commander-in-chief. St. Petersburg, 1906
  2. сборник систематических сообщении по истории Русской-Японской войны. 2 Tom.  Вильнюс, 1908.
    Or, in English:
    “A collection of systematic reports on the history of the Russian-Japanese War.” 2nd Vol. Vilnius, 1908

Many thanks.

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