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Daily Archives: 17/06/2020

Imaginetic Announces the Imaginetic Diversity in Gaming Bursary

Imaginetic and I, its founder Thomas Fisher, proudly endorse the Derby House Principles of diversity and inclusion in professional, serious games.

Imaginetic is determined and focused on inclusivity, while cultivating the best talent across the spectrum of humankind. As such, beyond thoroughly endorsing the Derby House Principles, we would like to put our money where our mouth is:

Imaginetic is announcing the $1000CAD Imaginetic Diversity in Gaming (IDIG) Bursary, in the spirit of the Derby House Principles, to encourage a more diverse gamescape in the field of serious games and wargames. Focused on the development of serious games talent, the bursary will be awarded to a student drawn from historically underrepresented groups in serious gaming: women, sexual and gender minorities, disabled persons, and persons of colour, who is pursuing post-secondary studies pertaining to serious games, their design, facilitation, and research.

We at Imaginetic are proud to play whatever part we can in broadening the spectrum of opportunities, viewpoints, and experiences in the current and future serious gamescape.

Deadlines for applications is September 30, with the Bursary to be awarded to one candidate in January 2021.

As an applicant, you should be a student from a historically underrepresented group in serious games, enrolled in a recognized (accredited) post-secondary educational institution, pursuing an educational path that includes the development, design or research or serious games (tabletop or digital).

Apply here:

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