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Daily Archives: 05/06/2020

The past as prelude: urban protest edition

In March 2018 I ran an three day urban protest crisis game in support of an academic conference on urban conflict.

During that game, the hardline Minister of the Interior ordered protesters cleared and activists arrested from outside a historic church in the center of the capital. Outside policing experts (in the game, a UN CIVPOL advisor played a real life senior Italian Carabinieri officer) advised against this, warning it would only inflame tensions. The Mayor of the capital opposed the move too. The national government nevertheless mobilized military forces and cleared the square in front of the church. Local authorities and many religious leaders condemned the move and sought to have the troops withdrawn.

Who knew it would turn out to be Washington DC in 2020.

A report on the game (from this book) can be found here:

And, on a much, much more serious note—and like 16th Avenue now says—Black Lives Matter.

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