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GUWS: Fisher and Stevens on serious games for humanitarian training

On July 28, the Georgetown University Wargaming Society and PAXsims will cosponsor a virtual presentation by Tom Fisher (Imaginetic) and Matt Stevens (Lessons Learned Simulations and Training) on serious games for humanitarian training. They are the authors of a recent report on Serious Games: Humanitarian User Research, conducted for Save the Children UK. The study, completed in January 2020, explored the potential of games-based learning for humanitarian training in Jordan and Kenya via a series of workshops in Amman and Nairobi. Among the issues addressed are the effectiveness of games-based learned, the strengths and weakness of analogue and digital gaming, and best practices.

Tom Fisher is President of Imaginetic Simulations + Design, a serious games, training, development, and design firm based in Montréal, Canada; and an associate editor of PAXsims. With over 30 years of scenario design under his belt, and 15 years of games-based learning and serious games design and development experience. Tom’s design and development products have been used in training and analysis around the globe, from Aftershock to MaGCK, as well as numerous projects for the World Bank, NATO, and over 100 international agencies, universities, companies and NGOs.

Matthew Stevens is Director of Lessons Learned Simulations and Training a professional development training firm for humanitarian workers with a focus on simulations and serious games. Matthew has worked with refugees and migrants globally since 2008, from downtown Cairo to the Peruvian Amazon. Before returning to Canada in 2017 to found LLST, he served as Country Director for an INGO in Amman, Jordan, delivering online higher education to displaced youth.

The online presentation will take place from 6pm to 8pm Eastern. Registration is via Eventbrite.

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