Conflict simulation, peacebuilding, and development

GUWS: Gaming the Non-Kinetic (May 13)


The Georgetown University Wargaming Society will be hosting an online presentation on gaming the non-kinetic at 18h00 ET on May 13. The presenter is none other than… me.

This presentation will discuss the use of (war)gaming techniques to explore issues other than war, ranging from humanitarian response to pandemics, peace negotiations and peace operations.

Rex Brynen is Professor of Political Science at McGill University, and author or editor of a dozen books on various aspects of Middle East politics. He is also senior editor of the conflict simulation website PAXsims ( Prof. Brynen has designed policy games for various government agencies and international organizations, as well as in support of Middle East peace negotiations. He is currently a senior wargaming advisor to the Canadian Joint Warfare Centre.

You can register for the (free) event via Eventbrite.

UPDATE: The video for the event has now been posted.

Note to self: remember in future to check which monitor is broadcasting to Zoom, so that I’m not displaying the presenter view.

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