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McGill Library: Play On!

0.pngThis event has now been postponed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

In light of recent developments regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, including bans on travel and large assemblies, we regret to inform you that we are forced to postpone the PlayOn! colloquium until early October 2020. We understand that many of you have been preparing for this event for many months and the coordinators will be happy to assist with any inquiries you may have.

We will be sending further information within the coming weeks to propose a rescheduled date, and we hope that many of you will still be able to attend. Please expect that we will be able to extend the same offers for travel-related funding, and that the general organization and structure of the colloquium will remain intact.

McGill Library will be organizing a series of speakers and other events throughout 2020 on the topic of serious play. This includes a Play On! colloquium at McGill University on 13-15 May.

To meet the needs of students reared, nurtured, and cultivated by video games since childhood, as well as the needs of faculty instructing them, the McGill University Library seeks ways to support the increasing presence of Serious Play in higher education. Serious Play incorporates creativity, innovation and cooperation as the foundations of new forms of immersive, intellectual engagement. In addition, novel interactive strategies in education, information literacy, and instruction are emerging daily. As dynamic spaces that foster and reward intellectual curiosity, 21stcentury academic libraries can continue to be hubs of interdisciplinary collaborative experimentation by evolving to match the pedagogical demands of students educated in increasingly interactive and ‘playful’ environments.

Running throughout 2020, our program of events will bring together a cohort of interdisciplinary thinkers and industry leaders to convey best practices for academic research libraries in supporting Serious Play. Together, we will reach across disciplines to explore how play and games fit in the serious and goal-oriented adult world of the 21st century research library, and what services academic libraries can, could, and should offer.

You will find additional details and the full schedule here.

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