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Daily Archives: 31/12/2019

PAXsims year-end review 2019


As I write this 2020 is almost upon us—so I thought it would be a good time to summarize the past year here at PAXsims.

Most notable of all, we had our best year ever, with 120,666 visits from from 64,168 visitors. This is slightly higher than last year’s total of 119,623 visits. We also currently have 488 email and WordPress subscribers.

Overall, PAXsims has have had a remarkable 823,427 page visits since 2009. At this rate we should reach the one million mark in a year and a half or so.

We had visitors from 188 countries and territories in 2019—almost the entire world. As usual, the US accounts for by far the largest share of our readers:

  1. United States 43.0%
  2. United Kingdom 12.7%
  3. Canada 9.4%
  4. Netherlands 3.1%
  5. China +Hong Kong 3.9%
  6. Australia 2.7%
  7. Germany 2.3%
  8. France 2.3%
  9. Japan 1.8%
  10. Italy 1.7%

The rise of China in our reader statistics is noteworthy. By contrast, Russia only accounts for 0.3% of visitors.


We posted 148 new items in 2018. The five most popular of these were:

  2. Lacey: Teaching operational maneuver
  3. Matt Caffrey’s “On Wargaming” available as free download

  4. Room to game (or, the Battle of Winterfell explained)

  5. A “horrible, one-sided deal”: A US-Iran matrix game

Our most popular piece of all time is—quite rightly—The wargaming Wrens of the Western Approaches Tactical Unit.


Brian Train retains his lifetime achievement award as our most prolific commentator on articles.

Tomorrow we will summarize the results of out 2019 reader survey, with further insight into who you all are, what you all do, and what you would like to see from us in 2020. Happy New Year!


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