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Simulation & Gaming (December 2019)


The latest edition of Simulation & Gaming 50, 6 (December 2019) is now available.


  • Interbank Interest-Rate Model for the Banking Business of a Multi-Industry Game
    • Precha Thavikulwat and Bosco Wing Tong Yu
  • FASim: A 3D Serious Game for the First Aid Emergency
    • Samira Benkhedda and Fatima Bendella
  • Simulation as a Tool to Promote Professional Identity Formation and Patient Ownership in Medical Students
    • Lillie Tien, Tasha R. Wyatt, Matthew Tews, and A. J. Kleinheksel
  • Making Language Real: Developing Communicative and Professional Competences Through Global Simulation
    • Yuddy Perez and Paige Poole
  • PY-RATE ADVENTURES: A 2D Platform Serious Game for Learning the Basic Concepts of Programming With Python
    • Grigorios Sideris and Stelios Xinogalos
  • Being an Educator and Game Developer: The Role of Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Non-Commercial Serious Games Production
    • Jonas Linderoth and Björn Sjöblom
  • Psychometric Testing of a Value-Achievement-Cost Motivation Survey for 12th Grade Health Sciences Students for Use in Simulation-Based-Games
    • Kevin R. Glover and Alec Bodzin
  • Learner-Controlled Practice Difficulty and Task Exploration in an Active-Learning Gaming Environment
    • Joseph Westlin, Eric Anthony Day, and Michael G. Hughes
  • A ‘KAHOOT!’ Approach: The Effectiveness of Game-Based Learning for an Advanced Placement Biology Class
    • Serena M. Jones, Priya Katyal, Xuan Xie, Madeleine P. Nicolas, Eric M. Leung, Damon M. Noland, and Jin Kim Montclare
  • Cross-Cultural Learning in Gameplay: BAFÁ BAFÁ, Persuasive Technology, and the Exploration of Intercultural Sensitivity
    • Jessica Wendorf Muhamad and Fan Yang

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