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Daily Archives: 29/10/2019

Little Wars TV: Ideas to welcome more women to Wargaming

Little Wars TV has released their second video on woman and wargaming, this time focussing on bringing more women into the hobby.  In it, wargamers Amanda Voce, Veronica, and Becky Ensteness offer a number of ideas.

Among the issues they note: the uncomfortable  “boys’ club” atmosphere of some gaming spaces, the importance of calling out sexist behaviour, the value of mentoring and creating welcoming paths into the hobby.

If you missed the first one, you can find it here.

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Connections Oz date and location change


Connections Oz is on the move. The date and venue for their 2019 conference has been changed  to 9-11 December at the Australian Defence College in Canberra.

Further details at their website.

PAXsims reader survey 2019


The survey is now closed. Results here.

A few years ago we conducted a survey of PAXsims readers to see who you are (or, rather, were). It seems about time to conduct another one, so— without further ado—here it is: the 2019 PAXsims reader survey.



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