Conflict simulation, peacebuilding, and development

Simulation & Gaming (October 2019)


The latest edition of Simulation & Gaming 50, 5 (October 2019) is now available. This issue is a Special Symposium on “From then to now: Transformation in Simulation & Gaming in Japan.”


  • Contributions of Japanese Gaming and JASAG
    • Willy Christian Kriz
  • From Then to Now: Transformation in Simulation and Gaming in Japan
    • Toshiko Kikkawa and Susumu Ohnuma


  • QR HUG: A Study on the Development of a Game to Manage a Shelter Using QR Codes
    •  Kenichiro Komori, Manabu Ichikawa, Hiroshi Deguchi, and Kentaro Saito
  • The Detrimental Effects of Punishment and Reward on Cooperation in the Industrial Waste Illegal Dumping Game
    • Yoko Kitakaji and Susumu Ohnuma
  • Persuasion Game: Cross Cultural Comparison
    • Kaori Ando, Junkichi Sugiura, Susumu Ohnuma, Kim-Pong Tam, Gundula Hübner, and Nahoko Adachi
  • Consensus Building Gaming Which Promotes Creative Solutions to Wildlife Management Dilemmas
    • Shin Oyamada and Shinobu Kitani
  • A Prediction Market-Based Gamified Approach to Enhance Knowledge Sharing in Organizations
    • Hajime Mizuyama, Seiyu Yamaguchi, and Mizuho Sato
  • Development of a Social Skills Education Game for Elementary School Students
    • Yoshiko Okada and Toshiki Matsuda
  • A Short History of Table-Talk and Live-Action Role-Playing in Japan: Replays and the Horror Genre as Drivers of Popularity
    • Björn-Ole Kamm
  • Influence of Room Condition on Participants in Simulation and Gaming Activities: Analyses of Debriefing Forms
    • M. Nakamura

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