Conflict simulation, peacebuilding, and development

PoNG: SIGNAL nuclear deterrence playfest

Pong_Logo_Final-300x135.pngThe Project on Nuclear Gaming (PoNG)—a research project that is “aimed at understanding the impact of emerging technologies on strategic stability and nuclear risk reduction”—hopes to convene the largest online wargaming event ever on Tuesday, November 12.

The Project on Nuclear Gaming (PoNG) is organizing an online playfest for our first game, SIGNAL, a video game focused on understanding the issues surrounding nuclear deterrence and strategic stability. Thousands have signed up to play SIGNAL since our public launch in May 2019 and our experimental wargaming concept has been featured in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and Science. Now we want to elevate the wargaming community with your help.

On Tuesday, November 12, we’ll be hosting a SIGNAL online play festival to bring together as many people as possible for the largest online wargaming event ever conducted. Players can join in online beginning at 6p ET/ 3p PT at to vie with students, policy scholars, military experts, and anyone with an interest in the art and science of wargaming.

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