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Simulation & Gaming (October 2018)


The latest issue of Simulation & Gaming 49, 5 (October 2018) is now available.

Symposium: Research in Health and Healthcare Simulation


  • Healthcare Simulation Research in Simulation and Gaming: Past, Present, and Future
    • Taylor Sawyer and Mindi Anderson

Research Articles

  • A Brain-Based Instruction Simulation Approach to Improve Code Team Response in an Internal Medicine Unit
    • Timothy C. Clapper, Kapil Rajwani, Elizabeth Mauer, Linda M. Gerber, Joanna Lee, Kevin Ching, Stephanie Miller, and Kirana Gudi
  • Enhancing Clinical Learning Through an Innovative Instructor Application for ECMO Patient Simulators
    • Abdullah Alsalemi, Mohammed Al Disi, Yahya Alhomsi, Fayçal Bensaali, Abbes Amira, and Guillaume Alinier
  • Customization of Avatars in a HPV Digital Gaming Intervention for College-Age Males: An Experimental Study
    • Gabrielle Darville, Charkarra Anderson – Lewis, Michael Stellefson, Yu-Hao Lee, Jann MacInnes, R. Morgan Pigg, Jr., Juan E. Gilbert, and Sanethia Thomas
  • An Exploratory Study on the Köhler Effect and Flow in Long-term Exergaming
    • Seungmin Lee, Nicholas D. Myers, Taiwoo Park, Christopher R. Hill, and Deborah L. Feltz
  • Zombies vs. Anxiety: An Augmentation Study of Prescribed Video Game Play Compared to Medication in Reducing Anxiety Symptoms
    • Matthew T. Fish, Carmen V. Russoniello, and Kevin O’Brien

Simulation Ready to Use

  • Cells of War: A Serious Game for Familiarizing Players With the Immune System
    • Konstantina Konstantara and Stelios Xinogalos


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