Conflict simulation, peacebuilding, and development

Connections North 2018


A couple of years ago we held a small CONNECTIONS NORTH miniconference on professional wargaming in Canada, bringing together game designers and national security analysts. We’ll be doing again on 24 February 2018 at McGill University, taking advantage of the fact that a number of Ottawa (and other) folks will be travelling to Montreal to take part in the DIRE STRAITS megagame the following day.


  • 13h00 – arrival and introductions
  • 13h15 – SESSION 1: Who is Doing What, Where?
    • Ben Taylor (DRDC), Canadian wargaming perspectives from DRDC
    • Rex Brynen, (McGill University), Gaming initiatives at McGill and by PAXsims
    • Anja van der Hulst (TNO, Netherlands), An overview of TNO gaming initiatives
  • 15h30 – coffee break
  • 15h45 – SESSION 2: Issues, Challenges, and Approaches
    • Jim Wallman (Stone, Paper, Scissors, UK) Wargaming large-scale air warfare: insights from RAF Exercise Eagle Warrior
    • Tom Fisher (Imaginetic), Graphic Design, Components, and Player Experience in Manual Games
  • 17h30 – end
  • 18h00 – informal discussions and gaming
    • A Reckoning of Vultures (Matrix Game Construction Kit)

Registration for CONNECTIONS NORTH free, but is limited to national security professionals, researchers, educators, game designers, and others working in the field of serious games. You’ll find further details, and the registration page, here.

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