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Daily Archives: 26/06/2017

Wide Area Megagame: The Press Release


The world’s first ever wide-area megagame will be taking place on July 1—and there’s an offical press release to go with it.


On the First of July there will be a world-wide zombie outbreak.

URBAN NIGHTMARE: STATE of CHAOS will be the first ever international Wide Area Megagame. Megagames are an emerging type of event with growing popularity all over the world which. Dozens (or even hundreds) of players come together to interact with various board game and role-playing elements over the course of a single day.

On Saturday, July 1st, 2017, over 500 players spanning across eleven venues and five countries, will gather for an international event comprising of eleven simultaneous megagames being played concurrently across the world. It will be a gameplay experience like no other.

With a zombie apocalypse as the catalyst each venue will represent a state of a fictionalized America and work to contain the infection and help to maintain order throughout the country. Not only will players be working towards maintaining order in their state, they will be interacting with other teams around the world and affecting each other’s game (for better or for worse).

“Megagame Makers have created a game with solid mechanics and high potential for unprecedented player interactions.” said Brian Stacy, co-creator of New York’s Ironmark Games’ The World Turned Upside Down. “We really think the players are going to come up with unique solutions and find interesting ways to interact with the other states throughout the world.”

“It’s ridiculously exciting to think that across the world, hundreds of people will be playing the same game” said Becky Ladley, founder of Social Quirk “It makes it feel a lot more realistic – we’ll be dealing with the same communication and cooperation difficulties that real world governments would have to deal with.”

Players can assume one of several team roles that suits their play style. Emergency service players work on the ground controlling fires and rescuing the injured. City government roles keep the masses blissfully ignorant while controlling the National Guard. Is there a cure? How did this all start? Players may seek to spread The Truth as part of the News Media, writing stories that will be seen throughout the game world!

The game will be played in:

•Austin, Texas
•Bristol, UK
•Brussels, Belgium
•Cambridge, UK
•Leeds. UK
•London. UK
•Birmingham, UK
•Montreal, Canada
•New York, NY
•Nijmegen, The Netherlands
•Southampton, UK


For additional information contact:
Jim Wallman

You’ll also find additional information at Megagame Makers.

The Montreal (“Northland”) component will be a rather small affair, but we’ve still got spaces if you’re interested.

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