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Daily Archives: 16/04/2016

Connections 2016 wargaming conference


This year’s Connections (US) interdisciplinary wargaming conference will be held at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama on 9-12 August 2016:

Connections US 2016 will be held 9-12 August at Maxwell AFB, AL. This will be our first Connections at Maxwell since 2001.  As our first Connections in 1993 was hosted at Maxwell this year is a little like coming home. Given the Secretary of Defense level interest at achieving a 3rd Offset Strategy through innovation and the Deputy Secretary of Defense personal involvement in catalyzing innovation through reinvigorated wargaming, this year’s Connections will likely be one of our most important. Connections 2016 theme is advancing Wargaming As A Catalyst For Innovation.  We will provide a range of day 1 seminars, some appropriate for those with zero knowledge of wargames (so they can better understand the balance of the conference) while other seminars are geared to community veterans.  As always we will have out keynote speakers, speaker panels, game lab and working groups.

Other than the cost of getting to Montgomery, Connections 2016 will be exceptionally low cost.  Again this year there is not registration fee.  Very good rooms are available on base at very good prices.  These rooms are located so close to our venue, the LeMay Center Wargaming Institute, that no transportation is needed once on base. While our program extents through lunch each day the LeMay Center Wargaming Institute can provide lunches and snacks at very reasonable prices.

Please also consider participating in Connections UK 2016.  It will be held, 6-8 September, at Kings College London.  While similar to Connections US in several ways it has the advantage of a location with train travel distance of most of Europe.  Hence the speakers and the participants are several times more “international” then at Connections US.

There are also excellent Connections interdisciplinary wargame conferences in Australia and the Netherlands.  While these are more national conferences, participating is an excellent way to learn about their approach to wargaming.

To learn more about the conference, visit the Connections (US) website.

There are also separate websites for the Connections UK, Connections Australia, and Connections Netherlands conferences. In Canada we held a small Connections North miniconference earlier this year, which we may repeat and expand in 2017.

For a summary of previous Connections conferences, check the PAXsims archive.

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