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Daily Archives: 03/04/2016

“Power Broker” urban design game competition


A competition has been launched to design a video or boardgame based on the life of urban planner Robert Moses:

Clocking in at 1,336 pages, Robert Caro’s The Power Broker is a monumental biography capturing the life and works of Robert Moses (1888–1981), the controversial master urban planner of New York responsible for the construction of many major landmarks including Lincoln Center, the United Nations, and the Triborough Bridge, among many others.

The biography is notable for capturing the complex (and brutal) political, social, economic, and architectural dynamics surrounding Moses’ achievements and the often ambiguous legacy he left on the city. In its length, detail, awesomeness, and difficulty of completion, it is the Infinite Jest of non-fiction.

Today, we are launching a competition that challenges game designers to adapt The Power Broker into a playable, interactive form that preserves the flavor and themes of the written work, while leveraging the unique opportunities the game medium provides.

There will be three prizes up for grabs in this competition:

  • Grand Prize: The best game as judged by the Prize Committee will be awarded $2,000, and will take home the coveted Robert Moses Cup.
  • Runner Up (Video Game): The best video game runner-up as judged by the Prize Committee will be awarded $500.
  • Runner Up (Tabletop): The best tabletop game runner-up as judged by the Prize Committee will be awarded $500.

Those wishing to take part in the competition must register by April 29. Games must be submitted for judging by July 29.

You’ll find full details here.

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