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Daily Archives: 10/01/2016

Counter IED wargame

Counter IED Kriegsspiel.jpg

Following Tom Mouat’s release of the components for his recently-design Sandhurst Kriegspiel, Ed Farren (British Army) has put together a quick and simple (60 minute) game to illustrate and explore issues related to countering improvised explosive devices:

The aim of the wargame is not to have clearly defined teams of winners and losers but rather for everyone involved to learn about CIED tactics through both success and failure.

A balanced outcome, where the patrol both avoids and strikes IEDs, is therefore the best for maximum training benefit. The success of the wargame depends on the participation of the players in the teams. You, as the umpire, have a coordinating role but should not be speaking for more than 50% of the time. Let the teams make their own assumptions and judgements on the ability of their assets in the wargame, this will inform if they have understood the actual capabilities/threats that you know to be accurate.

The game uses matrix game-syle adjudication, in which players are asked to identify reasons for and against the success of a particular action. I have certainly found that this approach generates considerable discussion, which is very useful indeed in a learning exercise like this. There is also value in a quick and simple (but not simplistic) game that can easily be incorporated into a larger course while leaving enough time for post-game debrief and reflection.

You’ll find the files here (along with those for Tom’s design).

Counter IED Kriegsspiel counters.jpg

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